October 30th, 2020

A lack of civility and manners

By Letter to the Editor on October 31, 2019.

I write to bring attention to the lack of civility and good manners exhibited by Ms. Phillips in her comments in Saturday’s Herald.

“Premier Jason Kenney is a liar” is her opening statement.

This reinforces just why the majority of constituents on the west side of Lethbridge voted not to have her as our MLA.

My time is too precious to troll through the verbiage Ms. Phillips has spouted over her years as an MLA. I do suspect that it would not be difficult to find instances of her change of mind or change of decision once she was fully aware of the facts and information.

We were taught how to be a good winner and a gracious loser; sadly this lesson was lost on Ms. Phillips.

Andrew Johnstone


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She can’t help it if she’s right! Run away, snowflake!


She probably is out of line to call him a liar, instead it would be more polite to say that he told lies about job losses, reducing health and education services, and increasing taxes and fees for all but the richest.

George McCrea

Irony alert. Public servants are among the top 10 % of the


Probably not even close to being amongst the ‘richest’ people in our society, though I wouldn’t be surprised if their salaries are among the best for salaried workers. This is probably because many of them have invested time and lots of money in their educations.

If, however, you are talking about police and fire as a substantial component of public budgets, I might agree that they may be too highly paid for their education or work-risk (which is orders of magnitude lower than loggers, fishermen, and construction workers who earn much less). But neo-conservatives are rarely talking about these public servants are they.


I think liar is the correct term. Ms Philips is the elected MLA for West Lethbridge.

Citi Zen

It’s all H2O under the bridge. The NDP lost the election. Now all she can do is complain.

Tris Pargeter

Oh you sporty boys and your games, just changing the rules on a whim!
Somehow, now it’s “the ends justify the means,” but whatever happened to “it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game?” Seems there’s a certain arbitrariness, a hollowness, not to mention a level of outright moral depravity to “winning” at all costs”….and who can argue that the UCP “win” is going to cost a LOT in quality of life here now.
Made even more arbitrary, and stupid actually, by the fact that ALL this punitive pain so gleefully imposed by the smirking choirboy Kenney could have been entirely avoided by simply taxing our population like EVERY SINGLE OTHER province in the country, not to mention most of the states….Jim Prentice was right when he told Albertans to “look in the mirror.”


Being fiscally responsible is a totally alien concept to the NDP in general , and, and in Ms. Phillip’s case in particular the term that would fit is clueless.


Andrew Johnstone wants the reader to recall a time when a person’s word was trustworthy.

But, how does this apply to the following truth?

Jason Kenney, while a sitting MP in the House of Commons in Ottawa, campaigned for himself in Alberta on the federal taxpayer’s dime.

Jason Kenney, while a sitting Premier in this province, campaigned in another province for a federal election candidate on the Alberta taxpayer’s dime.

There is no precedent for a sitting premier to campaign for a candidate in a federal election.

Furthermore, the extent to which Mr. Kenney falsified data throughout his provincial campaign is already a matter of record.

Finally, Mr. Johnstone wishes the reader to consider good winners – just like the good winners in the Alberta Legislature who sling insults when someone dares to disagree and/or criticize the decisions and actions of this sitting government.

This is not evidence of a “good winner”. Rather, it is indicative of an authoritarian uncompromising regime.

Addendum for those interested in truthful data:


Tris Pargeter

All true IMO. Only the churlish cons are nasty even in “victory,” all part of that drastically lowered political “tone” so many of us are noticing.
It wasn’t like this before Preston Manning’s Reform takeover.


That is because they are using the “Conservative” in their party name but are really reformers in disguise..