October 29th, 2020

Squeaky wheel controlledthe election

By Letter to the Editor on October 31, 2019.

To be a significant Canadian, you need to live in Ontario or, yes, Quebec. Heaven help us, don’t forget what Quebec does for Canada’s image and status! What would Canada do without it? Well, ransom wouldn’t be freely paid from federal coffers.

We should be grateful here in Alberta. “To give is better than to receive,” right?

It doesn’t matter how corrupt Trudeau is, votes were easily bought in Quebec and Ontario through that French aristocratic connection, Eastern media groups, and by keeping the economy (Alberta) in the tank, the dollar low, to aid Eastern manufacturing. The squeaky wheel from Quebec controlled the election. $12.8 billion in campaign promises bought lots of votes. Aren’t we all happy campers?

Luckily, Trudeau sympathizes with Albertans! Isn’t he such a good old boy?

But, should he be bypassing the premier to consult with like-minded mayors? Mayors don’t represent Albertans. Jason Kenney does.

Stan Ulrich


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Stan Ulrich:

Do the readers a kindness and provide sources to support your assertion that under the Westminster Parliamentary System the office of a provincial premier is a political firewall and all persons wishing to pursue discussion, consultation, business & etc. in the province must obtain permission from the premier’s office before approaching any municipal government.

This is more in keeping with the conduct of a dictator in a totalitarian state.

Given the recent budget it is also questionable that Jason Kenney represents Albertans.


IMO, “Given the recent budget it is also questionable that Jason Kenney represents Albertans.”
I am in total agreement with this statement.


IMO: I see nothing in the Ulrich letter which states “permission” must be obtained. The statement is that the Premier represents Albertans. Whether your socialist friends like his policies, accept defeat or not does not change the facts – HE has a mandate having been elected to lead this Province. To suggest Nenshi or Mandel represent ALBERTA is ridiculous. They speak for their Cities and their Cities interests. The “thought process” which is behind either of them [ or Redford ] being appropriate spokesmen for ALBERTA shows how out of touch the eastern govenbrment truly finds itself. Trudeau can speak to whomever he wants and has shown in the past he prefers people who bow and scrape to those who may offer insight which shows his limitations. He might want to study up on Parliament and speak / work with those ALBERTANS seated across from him in the House.
I hope Trudeau continues to act the fool…all the better for the prospects of his electoral demise in the next year or so.



Critical Analysis and Parsing

The traditional grammatical exercise of parsing, sometimes known as clause analysis, involves breaking down a text into its component parts of speech. It is a basic grammatical skill utilised in understanding written language.

Parsing the statement, “should he [Trudeau] be bypassing the premier to consult with like-minded mayors?” involves understanding implied meaning, which is a statement made with a suggested or inferred meaning together with the supporting statement(s) for the implied meaning.

In other words, JustObserving, the idea is present. It’s just not stated.


Yes Stan! GO KENNY GO!