October 21st, 2020

More police officers isn’t the solution

By Letter to the Editor on November 5, 2019.

Adding more police officers will do little to mitigate our growing crime for two reasons.

1) We have a catch-and-release justice system. Our justice system allows mentally unstable addicts to roam the streets while continuously victimizing innocent people.

2) We have a SCS facility which it can be proven has attracted hundreds of criminal addicts and dealers from outside of Lethbridge. As long as it remains open, criminals will continue to arrive.

To truly help the addict and keep the residents safe, the criminals should be given the choice of court-ordered rehab or long-term jail. If that requires expanded facilities to do that, then so be it.

One final note on the matter in regard to the SCS. We were assured it would reduce crime, reduce needle debris, help the addicts, and make Lethbridge a safer place. Yet, it’s blatantly obvious that because of its proven characteristic to attract hundreds of criminals from outside of Lethbridge, the opposite of all that has occurred. The SCS boondoggle is a result of political virtue signalling and a total lack of foresight. It has caused Lethbridge to become a cesspool of drugs and crime.

Seth Anthony


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Citi Zen

Close the SCS. Stop providing shelter, food and safe houses for addicts. Make Lethbridge less attractive to this demographic and they will eventually move on.


One should be careful of confusing ‘perceived’ with ‘proven’.

To be ‘proven’, one has to make the causal connection between crime and the addiction crisis. Sure, it has emotional appeal, but society is complex. Could it be related to the intensifying disparity between the rich-few and the poor-many? Could it be caused by austerity budgets that reduce services to those most in need of them? Could it be caused by an increase in membership at the LSCO? Could the alleged increase in crime be the result of a change in measuring what accounts for being a ‘crime’? Or could it be caused by an increase in the number of police officers employed by the City?

The latter may not be as funny as one might think. An experiment in Spokane used ‘intelligent’ software to identify crime hot-spots in the city. The police dedicated more resources to those areas and crime suddenly increased. Increased? Yes. With more police, there were more people being charged for lesser crimes that would normally go unnoticed or unreported. I think when policing is the largest component of a municipal budget, we should be very careful adding more officers in hopes that it will reduce crime – unless, that is, there is a clear and consistent measure of what accounts for ‘crime’. And, of course, more charges will require more court-time, more lawyers, more judges, etc. Is this a good use of our money?

Furthermore, if in fact the increase in crime is related to addiction, then why focus on enforcement? I read (https://www.cbc.ca/news2/interactives/portugal-heroin-decriminalization/) that, in North America, roughly 70% of the money going towards managing the addiction crisis is focused on law enforcement, whereas in Portugal, only 10% is – the rest going into care facilities. Their model is working better. If we are going to demand something from our governments, then we should demand more long-term care facilities for these people.

Seth Anthony

Fescue said:

One should be careful of confusing ‘perceived’ with ‘proven’.

If that statement is in direct response to my assertion, then yes, it can be proven experientially, anecdotally, and empirically.

Fescue said:
I read somewhere that, in North America, roughly 60% of the money going towards managing the addiction crisis is focused on law enforcement, whereas in Portugal, only 10% is – the rest going into care facilities. Their model is working better.


The costly and ineffective war on drugs that causes more harm than good to everyone.


“”experientially, anecdotally, and empirically.””, ..Oooo…Seth has a thesaurus!

Dennis Bremner

Maybe Lethbridge has attracted “violent tooth ferries”, you never mentioned that as a possibility Fescue. Sure hope you are enjoying your late night walks in “safe Lethbridge”!


Yes, I missed the obvious culprits.

And, actually, I spend a lot of my time walking downtown. Even in the dark. I have never been accosted, though one might consider me vulnerable. I don’t dispute that there is crime, but I have come to believe that the hysteria derives from people who don’t spend much time downtown – too busy in the box stores, or something.

Seth Anthony

You don’t dispute there’s crime? What a revelation!

Hysteria? Did you see all those people downtown screaming and running for the hills?


Do you have so little to do that you need to bait people to argue with you?
See you in a month when you post the same thing again.
The guy from Vulcan is sure accomplishing a lot….zzzzz…

Seth Anthony

Why are you crying over Fescue? She’s fully capable and competent enough to defend herself.

Speaking of zzzz’s. I don’t recall you ever posting anything with substance, or anything even remotely interesting. It’s basically juvenile and insulting one liners with you. Here’s a classic example that you made twice in this thread.

Citi Zen made a good point. That is, addicts only quit when doing their drug becomes unbearable (their personal rock bottom). They will never seek help if they’re prevented from hitting their personal rock bottom. To some addicts, having to sell their personal belongings is rock bottom, but to other addicts, living at the shelter, getting food from various agencies, and victimizing innocent people, ISN’T their rock bottom.

So your reply to Citi Zen’s very important point was, “Maybe you should change your handle to ‘Shitty-Zen’.


I thought it was rather witty. 🙂
It’s okay for YOU to post juvenile and insulting one liners (example: Greta meme on the climate thread) but someone else does it, you freak out. Double standard, Seth Ant-phony?

Seth Anthony


1) That meme had a relevant point.

2) It wasn’t insulting. It was just a picture of her as an old lady still saying, “We’re all going to die”! In other words, a humorous meme in opposition to the Doomsdayer mentality. If someone takes that as an insult, then they have emotional problems.

3) I wasn’t replying to a member here.

4) I wasn’t “freaking out”.


Bam! Into defensive mode. lol.
Oh, you’re so pure as the driven snow! :::rolleyes:::

Dennis Bremner

I might as well get h2ofield flashed up

I can guarantee the following;

1) U of L area will be the biggest increase in crime by Section in Lethbridge next summer. One gang will attempt to control all of the West Side because its too lucrative as all the U of L students are spread out across the West Side (WSG). One “Gang” trying to control that much space will invite other gangs who feel the “pie shall be cut” into smaller parts whether the present gang likes it or not. So thats my greatest fear of crime increases because its just too lucrative not to be the hot point next year.

2) Coming in a Close second on crime increases will be South Lethbridge next too Leth College and extending to 43rd and down out to the Airport, and all down Scenic Drive to Tudor Estates. Crime will encompass the lower half of the South end from Scenic up to about 12 Ave south, that will be the South Side Gang (SSG )

3)The Downtown Gang (DG) has already got London Road down to the Mountain View Cemetery and as they push across McGrath they will run into the South Side Gang (SSG) and that’s where the drive by’s start as conflict occurs. So to avoid the conflict with the SSG they will continue to push north beyond Senator Buchanan in an attempt to control far too large a piece of that pie.

4) The Meth houses, drug dens are already set up in the North end and if those houses are not controlled by the DG then conflict will errupt there as the DG try to squeeze into the North Side Gang (NSG).

The North Side Gang (NSG) to ensure they keep control will fight to prevent the DG from expanding beyond about 5th Ave North so to avoid that conflict, the DG will push into Glendale and “its over”. There will be no safe place in Lethbridge any longer.

So I would highly suggest you start mailing out your appreciation cards now to Phillips of the NDP, Spearman who to this day has absolutely no clue what he is doing, and now appears to be trying to distance himself from the entire farce. The Council is too busy trying to look like they have a clue, instead of getting one, so you get the automated “were okay and working hard” comment. The trouble is what they are working on, is how to keep the Meth Heads here, offer as much housing as possible and become the Southern Alberta Regional Drug Capital, which I am pretty darn sure no one in Lethbridge gave them the mandate to do so!

The Previous Police Chief got out while the going was good, and anyone that takes the job now either wants to work at a job that is above their pay grade or doesn’t mind leading the City into its first years of Organized Crime and doesn’t care about his/her resume’ because they are 3-4 years from retirement.

Lastly make sure to include Bourgue and Manning in your thank you note, without them this ” leap to organized crime”, that we are about to experience would not have been possible.

Something worthy of note- Lethbridge is the worst place for an SCS (my opinion and experience) but then to decide to make us the “Regional Capital for Drug Addicts” (Spearman aspiration) we have now self appointed ourselves the “Alberta import drug distribution center” , as well, lucky us! So any and all drugs coming in from the USA will now be distributed from Lethbridge because its too easy for the Calgary/Edmonton Gangs ( the ones about to cause chaos in 2020) to coordinate drug hauls if you have a “Voluntary Alberta import drug distribution center” like Lethbridge”. So watch as the LAPD works double overtime and the size of drug hauls rises exponentially reflecting our new found “status as the new “Alberta import drug distribution business center”!
Gee some Cities aspire to an Amazon Facility, but not us, we go big, we want to be the “Alberta import drug distribution center” and son of a gun, we’re getting our wish!!
Perhaps we can do a deal and rent them one of the many buildings, that will come empty downtown? I am sure MLA Phillips who has declared herself friends of downtown Lethbridge Businesses could co-ordinate that!

Very soon all the above mentioned people will begin to suffer bouts of amnesia as they confuse and mis-remember their roll in what now is “The third phase of the destruction of Lethbridge”!
Phase 1- SCS focuses all the drug addicts into organized entities
Phase 2- Crime esculates as pretending drug lords try to pretend they are “tough enough to rule”
Phase 3- The real big guns arrive and “prove” that the fakers aren’t tough enough.
Phase 4- Violence spikes everywhere
Phase 5- Its over, we are what we are
I have no doubt Fitzpatrick (Ex-NDP MLA) is extremely glad she was defeated because she can fade away and suffer the same amnesia in oblivion.


“”I might as well get h2ofield flashed up””


Seth Anthony

As some of you know, most of the scs users are young indigenous people that were attracted to Lethbridge because of the scs. This is obvious to those who have knowledge on the matter, and it also has been admitted by the blood reserve. What even less people know, is that the blood reserve people DESPISE the scs. They consider it insanity to not only provide addicts with drug paraphernalia, but then also allow them to do what they do without consequences. They also consider it an enabling facility that makes money on the backs of addicts.

To give you an example, the following is a letter from an indigenous person that was accompanied by a picture of an indigenous person curled up in blanket outside the scs. Please note that this is not uncommon, nor is it uncommon to see addicts shooting about just outside the scs, and drug deals being made. The latest is an addict that went right across the street of the scs to the fitness place, walked in the front door, splayed out his drug paraphernalia on the window ledge, then proceeded to load up a meth pipe.

Anyway, here’s the letter:

This is not the way of our ppl. This is outside near the SCS in Lethbridge. Our ppl have been so affected by drugs and it is heartbreaking to see this. I know our elders do not approve of this site. I have started to gather numbers of our ppl that frequent the SCS. Our ppl knew nothing of using needles and the party packs that were handed out on the streets and now at the site. What maddens me now is that these workers could care less on how many of us lose family members. It’s just a job to them 9-5 job everyday and when they leave they dont care about these individuals that sleep outside. They go home to nice hot meals, a warm bed and no worries about where they will spend the nite. Another place making a living off our homeless vulnerable population. Sad but true. Our fellow tribal members let me know how many family members you have lost to this place. Also their clients should not be getting their faces painted, if they knew so much about our culture they would know that our elders would never paint faces of our ppl that are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It only hurts our ppl more. Furthermore a powwow is not knowing our culture but it’s actually a celebration of our ppl. What I am proud of is the Blood Tribe Detox centre. They have helped alot of our ppl. They get them into treatment and also have an aftercare. We need detox and treatment centres. The city should look into purchasing a building outside the city to build a detox and treatment centre. Like the building in Raymond that is for sale and already renovated. Get these people the real help they need. Get them out of the city and help them get to know themselves again. Someone needs to get some funding together and purchase this building in Raymond and start up a detox and treatment centre. This cycle has been going on too long.


See you next month for the Seth & Dennis Christmas special!