October 29th, 2020

Maybe voters should try new approach

By Letter to the Editor on November 6, 2019.

I would like to thank Josephine Aristone and Peter Heffernan for putting perspective on the results of the recent federal election. For all the whiners saying “once again we’re left out,” remember Einstein’s definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.”

Peter provides the statistical evidence of just how long Albertans have been doing the same thing. Voters in other provinces seem capable of trying alternatives, but apparently too many Albertans are unable to make that change, and then start talking about separation. Really? Instead of voting the same party each election, try listening to the candidates and choosing to send the best candidate to Ottawa.

Frances Schultz


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So sad Frances you are not plugged-in to what’s happening out here. Just might be time for you to turn-off CBC Radio Canada and tune-in to 770AM Calgary with the Daniel Smith talk-show! This way you would educate yourself on how people are now suffering in the oil patch out here-people losing their jobs, defaulting on their mortgages, suicides etc.. Before you call us a bunch of whiners please do some constructive research.
We can’t lay all of Alberta’s issues at the foot of Trudope and his gangsters…We can however blame them for exacerbating a bad situation and making it worse through his anti-fossil fuel campaign.
Voting Liberal here Frances is as productive as trying to push-start your truck with four flat tires.
Educated Albertan’s know this all to well!


“”Educated Albertan’s””
An oxymoron in your case, I.Q.57


I never thought that Trudeau junior would be able to exceed his father’s attempts to destroy Alberta , but I may be wrong. With all the federal parties, other than the PC’s , heading further and further left wing, exactly who does the writer expect the mostly conservative population to vote for.? Sure, throw away everything one might believe in, and just comply with whatever party happens to be in power, even if it’s objective is to destroy the third largest oil reserves on the planet. Get a grip !!


The problem, Frances, is that we have tried alternatives [ viz the NDP 2 Provincial elections ago ] and watched the trial of alternatives in other Provinces { Wynne in Ontario for example ] and have seen what the left has to offer. Like it or not : The right of centre is reflective of Alberta and the majority of Albertans. The Federal and Provincial elections show the left of centre is outlier territory

The Left is content to spend until your wallet is empty but fails to see that if Alberta cannot develop it’s primary resources the money for their pet projects stops, forcing them to borrow, borrow, borrow , tax tax, tax. Just like the trust -fund baby who never sees his Amex Bill because “someone else” pays it they fail to see that the well has a bottom and they are close, very close.

The easy answer is to sell out your core beliefs, shutter the industries that have made this Province a potential world economic powerhouse and which have fed CANADA economically and accept whatever crumbs the left of centre deems we merit.
Perhaps we will get “federal education and retraining” on how to manufacture wooden plows for subsistence farming [ I have yet to see a plan for a wind driven or solar plow ]. Mind you, the constant flow of bankruptcies, foreclosures, abandoned properties, , broken homes and suicides will keep the social worker set occupied , maybe we can alll be retrained as crisis counsellors ?
No Frances , the options stink . Alberta can stay the course and be screwed at every turn. It can landlock itself and try to make a go of it. It can join the USA……OR the Rest of Canada can recognize the damage they have done and are doing to this Province and to the bottom line of the whole of Canada and work WITH the elected representatives of this Province, rather than appointing liberal hacks as the “voice of the west” . Of course that requires self awareness, clarity, foresight , intelligence and a willingness to make decisions that might cost votes in Quebec….traits well known in the liberal/ndp/green lexicon….NOT !

Dennis Bremner

The NDP think tax money is free and that free money should be put into Unions of various varieties because their base is Union. So you end up with massive spending to support any and all Unions to ensure payback at election time. This means bigger government and numerous social programs that always seems to end up in the lap of another Union.

At the same time the NDP in Alberta ushered in the Carbon Tax on the promise the Pipeline would be built and coexistence of Carbon Tax and Pipelines was possible. So we went through 4 years of Carbon Tax and in the dying minutes of the NDP Government her “most exulted Notley” could not offer any proof that 4 years of taxing emmitters had resulted in one tonne saved. To reinforce that, Phillips who was in charge of that portfolio really only had to offer one thing to Notley and that was some sort of mathematical wizardry that would show that what the NDP did was “useful”. Instead they relied on anodotal evidence that Carbon Taxes work but they never “bothered” to actually prove it.

So after the 4 years we had emitters who could really not afford the tax, and were already suffering from the Liberal onslaught in Ottawa, letting go employees on the promise of the NDP Miracle, which never occurred. Mind you the Unions and the NDP Government employees grew in leaps and bounds while the Oil worker sat there wondering when it was his/her turn.

So entering an election year with a fake NDP in cohouts with an Anti-Alberta Liberal group, whom do you suggest we vote for when the Green Party wanted to shut us down, and did not support a pipeline.

Would Rhino Party work for you Frances, should they have been our choice or perhaps a Quebec Separatist Party?

Alberta and now Saskatchewan is forced into a Single Choice for obvious reasons, reasons that are beyond your grasp. Liberals cater to Ontario/Quebec, there sole purpose in life is to achieve domination of both those provinces and they will commit ethical breaches, they will pander to their every whim, and they will ply them with Western Money to achieve that dominance. They will ignore the 100,000 lost jobs in the Oil Patch but will do ANYTHING to save imaginary jobs with SNC Lavalin. They will, with any opportunity shit on the West to prove the point that the election is over when it leaves Ontario.

So quoting Einstein obviously doesn’t make you smart or you could have figured this out on your own.


Hear hear!


I.Q. 57 said “Just might be time for you to turn-off CBC Radio Canada and tune-in to 770AM Calgary”

Yeah, let’s give up FM for AM…you want to bring back 8 track players and CB radios too? lol!


“Yeah, let’s give up FM for AM”…If the end result waterhead is to educate loonie-toons like yourself, would it not be worth it?? Please think first before replying! That might require purging the water out of your head first! One step at a time please.