October 21st, 2020

Cutting AISH payments not the way to balance the budget

By Letter to the Editor on November 8, 2019.

The UCP decision to reduce AISH payments to Alberta’s vulnerable demographic as a means to reduce the deficit is nothing more than white privilege at work. The UCP state that in comparison to other provinces Alberta is much more generous and while that may be true, the appropriate course of action is to increase AISH payments and encourage the other provinces to match Alberta’s progressive approach to those experiencing severe handicaps.

The UCP say the hold on AISH payments will save $10 million, these are the same people who reduced the corporate tax rate from 12 per cent to eight per cent. While I’m not sure how much that reduction results in real dollars, I’m relatively confident that if approached, the good corporate citizens of Alberta would take a small reduction in the tax-rate cut from eight per cent to 8.0025 per cent to ensure those less fortunate could rely on some stability in their lives.

For those of you who think I’m being overly dramatic, I have a challenge for the UCP caucus: the next time you have to go to the bathroom, tie your hands behind your back and then ask the colleague beside you to help you to go to the bathroom. Again, you’re thinking overly dramatic, I know this person. While I’m sure no one will take up the challenge, at least take 30 seconds to think about the experience, maybe while you are going to the bathroom.

To the citizens of Alberta, whether you are right or left of centre, we are better than this decision and like the grinch, let our hearts grow a little bigger this year and maybe provide those less fortunate an opportunity for a little additional respect and dignity.

To the UCP, I assume you are also better people than you have demonstrated to date. Do the right thing and govern for all people, AISH recipients need more help, not less.

Allan Ross


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This article is disgusting. I’m on AISH. Your propagating hatred to garner victimhood instead of presenting constructive options.
You didn’t mention that it’s a stop to indexing with the minimum wage.
You didn’t mention that AISH can subsidize rent to 30% of income.
You didn’t mention that the ones of us who can work are allowed to make an additional 1K a month.

You would know this if you actually cared about our plight and did an iota of research.



Do you know what’s worse than being a cripple and having to read this demeaning article?
Seeing that it was written by a white person who is racist against his own race, using this cripple (me) as a political weapon.

Sincerely, an AISH client.

George McCrea

Excellent response. I saw a communication
From MLA Neudorf that AISH funding is increasing
By 142 million. I support you and respect you for
Your comments. Thanks.


I’ve read your response a few times, evictor, and it doesn’t fit.

You seem to be more concerned with UCP policy than the impact of this budget on AISH clients. This leads me to believe that you are misrepresenting yourself.

Of course, we’ll never know.

But if you are an UCP troll, then I would suggest that you are a ‘horrible person’.


Jesus …… the UCP isn’t using my inability to walk and me having to piss in a bag for the rest of my life as a political weapon.

You don’t remember the Klien era and how much worse it was for us with his cuts the 90’s.

Everything I have listed is stuff I access to make sure a lack of indexing doesn’t affect my quality of life.

Im,, doing the best I can with what I got. Even with all that’s wrong with my. life, it could always be worse, and complaining about taking away indexing when 20 years ago, it was actually a real fight seems negligent. Especially when this article is framed to attack a political party and offers no actual solutions that are out there for us.


I am also an AISH recipient myself.

AISH only pays for emergency costs. So if you can’t afford to move. Well you’re stuck until you can find a job. And most people on AISH can’t find a job.

This is de-indexing, so as the cost of living gets higher the more we will have to cut out of our budget. Like the little luxuries like clothing, TV, internet etc. Most of us are already behind on bills and in up to our necks in debt.

1685/month means you’re either living in a shed, or a market apartment which bachelors go for around $850. That’s more than 50% of a person on disability’s income.

If you really wanted to be generous – you would help people on AISH who CAN work – find ENJOYABLE and COMMUTABLE jobs! Everywhere I go is over staffed and even with years of retail experience and a high school diploma I still can’t find a job!

Kenney promised more jobs. He promised to not touch AISH. What promises has Kenney delivered on other than being a thorn in the side of the federal government?


– most cost-effective temporary accommodation such as a hotel or motel
– most cost-effective childcare
– up to $358 per client or $1,021 per client with dependent children for a damage deposit once every 3 years
– up to $358 per client or $1,021 per client with dependent children for eviction costs once every 3 years
– up to $21 per day per client and up to $16 per day per dependent child for food
– actual most cost-effective home and major appliance repairs
– $219 per client and $164 per dependent child for replacement clothing
– most cost-effective transportation
– utility arrear costs once every 3 years if your utilities will be disconnected
– up to $1,021 for other emergency goods and services.

Also because we are on AISH, we are fast tracked on Capital Regon Housing if need be. We have options.


George McCrea would have the reader believe, on the basis of a report from MLA Neudorf, that AISH funding is increasing in the amount of 142 million and this must mean, as implied by McCrea and Neudorf, that individual recipients of AISH may look forward to a significant increase in their monthly stipend.

In this instance, context is more than extremely important.

The 142 million dollar increase in the budget for AISH funding is NOT because of the generosity of the current regime in power in this province. Rather, this figure represents an increase in funding on the basis of the increased number of individuals who qualify to receive AISH.

Kal Itea

Kenney going after CPP, after that is looted, then next is OAP. This is getting scary.

You don’t want public money used to reward friends of the politicians or powerful constituencies.
– Bryce Tingle



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