October 31st, 2020

What goes around…

By Letter to the Editor on November 12, 2019.

Jason Kenny’s idea of taking $40 billion out of the Canada Pension Plan and having the Alberta government administer it is very, very scary considering what a conservative government did to our Heritage Fund.

Mr. Kenny states that he wants to create a way to assess “fairness” for Alberta within the federation by his proposal.

Possibly Mr. Kenny is to young to remember, or just forgot, what Alberta’s position was when the National Energy Program was proposed to create “fairness” on the price of gas and oil for Canada East.

Ralph Klein’s infamous “let the bastards freeze in the dark” is probably also still remembered.

What goes around comes around

Lawrence Dzuren


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George McCrea

What is good for Quebec is good for. Alberta. We can take lessons on how to handle the fund from them, i.e invest it back in Alberta. Since when should one province be “special” over another. Goose, gander.


“Let the bastards freeze in the dark” was a bumper sticker slogan from the oil patch, in reaction to the National Energy Program. Ralph Klein actually referred to “Eastern bums and creeps,”which he said after a transient broke into his home.

I remember giving change to a panhandler in downtown Calgary during that time: curly dark hair, French accent, nice man. My classmates berated me later for doing it.

Ah, the memories. As for instating an Alberta Pension Plan, it was Point One in the so-called “Alberta Firewall” letter, and it’d be a good first step in distancing ourselves from Ottawa. The ultimate object of Wexit, in my view, should be to separate the country from its capital.


George McCrea:

Your comment suggests your knowledge of the history of Quebec is woefully lacking.


Your comment exposes a significant lack of knowledge of the history of Alberta within Confederation and prior to Confederation.

Brexit relies on the myth that Britain was a nation-state. It was an Empire. The Empire is gone. There is no nation-state to return to following a Brexit.

In a similar manner, Wexit (based on Brexit or borrowing from it) is also a myth. There is no Alberta nation-state to return to.

Moreover, Albertans are Treaty people who have obligations to honour the numbered Treaties.

Treaties 4, 6, 7, 8 and 10 cover all of the land mass of Alberta.

Fedup Conservative

George must be thrilled that he has voted us into a much higher cost of living while his Liberal friend turned Reformer Jason Kenney helps his rich friends get a lot richer. Taking the cap off of the power industry so they can push up the price of electrify, which will increase grocery bills and all retail prices, like it did under Klein, increases the vehicle registration fees by $5.00 when they were already the highest in Canada, allows 53 employees of a nursing home to be fired for no reason except they wanted to hire cheaper labor , likely poorly trained , so they can make more money, takes the cap off the insurance companies so they can once again gouge the people like Klein did, convinces ignorant Albertans, while he continues to give away our oil wealth and increases tax breaks for his rich friends that this mess we are in is all the fault of Rachael Notley and Justin Trudeau and that Alberta is broke because we have to send $10 Billion annually to Ottawa and Quebec in the form of equalization payments when the province of Alberta has never paid a penny into any equalization program. The list goes on and on .Had George shown any intelligence he would know about the high taxes the people of Quebec are subjected to, but he would rather believe the lies these reformers feed him, apparently thinking or researching facts is something he doesn’t do.