October 30th, 2020

Didn’t Obama mingle in Canada’s election?

By Letter to the Editor on November 13, 2019.

Why did Obama endorse Trudeau for prime minister of Canada? He did not even endorse his own former vice-president, Joe Biden, for president of the U.S. Is this not mingling in Canadian politics? The democrats, Obama’s political party, have been blaming Russian collusion for Trump’s win in 2016. Maybe we can blame Obama for Trudeau winning this election.

We don’t know how many more votes because of this helped Trudeau win, and we will never know, but we know that a lot of Canadians like Obama and think he was a good president. In 2012 about 65 per cent of Canadians said they would vote for Obama, and Obama knows that, too, so why not help and give a little push to turn the voters to the left?

There are always the undecided voters that need a little bit of help who to vote for, and in my opinion this can have made a difference for the Liberals with Obama’s help. This is not normal.

John Van Liere


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John P Nightingale

There is a big difference between endorsing someone publicly and collusion .
What is not “normal” are the conclusions of the writer – in this letter and the myriad of other that have preceded this one.


It was proven that Obama’s endorsement had an immediate and huge effect on the polling of Trudeau. Liberals were tanking and immediately after Obama’s endorsement, Trudeau’s comment was retweeted a few hundred thousand times, and media across Canada carried it, while demonizing Scheer. What a corrupt government we’ve elected, and this skewed media is going after the UCP party now.

John P Nightingale

The fact that Obama’s name resulted in increased support for Trudeau says a lot about the the electorate but in a good way. It was not and never will be considered “collusion”. That you dislike Trudeau and just love the UCP is painfully obvious
And why does the circumstance insinuate that the government is “corrupt”?
“Skewed media” ? Sounds like you should move to the US and don a red MAG hat.

Fedup Conservative

You have to laugh at the ignorance displayed by these loser, and they are mainly seniors. They desperately try to blame anyone but themselves for the mess we are in. Many of us didn’t like Trudeau but know he did more for our oil industry than Harper ever did and oil executives know it. We trust him more than we do Scheer. Now we get to watch Jason Kenney deliberately destroy this province, just like Klein did, while these ignorant seniors sing his praises as he puts them in financial ruin and they aren’t smart enough to understand it.

Where is the intelligence in whining about Obama when it was Kenney who wasted taxpayers money going to Ontario to help his Reform Party buddy Scheer try to get elected? Easterners aren’t stupid they can see what Klein did and what Kenney is doing to us, just like Ford is doing to Ontario and they weren’t prepared to let it happen to Canada and I’m glad they did what they did.


What a stupid uninformed comment. I’ll be writing my own letter.


I’m sure you’ll figure out a way to work your usual into the text, Bill 207?


Spare us, Jill. Every time Sheer opened his mouth it was “Justin Trudeau..blah blah”…Sheer imploded himself…blame Obama..lmfao!! What about Hillary’s e-mails? Pathetic CONs!

Fedup Conservative

h20field has nailed it , all these Reformers have is hurling sarcastic comments at the opposition, they can’t campaign on their past records. It’s a well known fact that Klein destroyed Alberta using reform party policies. Where was Jill when Scheer and Jason Kenney helped Harper take Canada from a $19 billion surplus to a $151 billion debt, using taxpayer’s money to buy votes, then promised to force the people into a private for profit American style health care system, like Kenney is trying to force Albertans into. Has she ever thought about what it would cost her, or doesn’t she care, or what it would do to many of her fellow seniors? Jill wanted informed comments, so where are hers to prove us wrong?


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