October 26th, 2020

The fog of political language

By Letter to the Editor on November 13, 2019.

There are among us people who believe human societies are captive to and controlled by language. When the old ideas and definitions no longer match reality, our efforts must be to create a modern language to serve mutual knowledge.

Revolutions start with discrediting old ideology that justifies power. When it is clear that official words no longer match reality, institutions that support the ruling class deflate and collapse. Our current battle is over “true” facts, mutual knowledge and the accepted expression for our society.

Today’s superiors look to their economic jargon to influence our understanding of the world. They have pushed for acceptance of “welfare mothers” but not “subsidized corporations” and business. Distortion of our political vocabulary weakens our democratic liberties. The existence of poverty in nearly half our citizenship is lost in discussions of “middle class” rhetoric about limitless growth. The truth is lost in the fog of language.

The corporate state and chambers of commerce can use the old language like a weapon to maintain their dominance. John Ralston Saul says we are captives of new priests in the theology of power, the technocrat who controls access to information. Technology has become a weapon of injustice by those who married the state and the means of production.

This state makes it almost impossible for the law to judge illegal that which is wrong. Technocrats are the slaves to their dogma. This cult presents itself as the solution to the problems it creates; as if the oil industry could solve the energy crisis, or the banks the financial crisis. Their obsession makes an abstract force that works at cross purposes to the real needs of the real world. Can the public afford to live on the same fantasy street as the Wall Street bull?

Don Ryane


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Sorry Don but you devolved into your own world of fantasy when you cited the blowhard consort of our former [ yet currently free spending ] Governor General in support of your contention.