October 28th, 2020

It’s time for Cherry to retire

By Letter to the Editor on November 16, 2019.

I don’t believe Don Cherry if he states that “you people” was assigned to every newcomer – he singled out immigrants that seemed not to be welcome by him and lots of other Canadians (mostly white conservative). And even if he meant every newcomer, who is he to point the finger? Immigrants made this great nation great and immigrants fought in all Canadian wars.

How can he ignore that? He simply violated his role; he’s in the public eye and should know better what his comments can do to people. I am an immigrant myself and became Canadian in 2012; I know what sacrifices Canadians made and that they helped and still help to make this world a better place. And no, you cannot compare that to Trudeau’s blackface (which was of course totally dumb to do). Trudeau handled this with an apology and not with a comment saying I was right to do so.

So dear, Don, it’s time to retire and in private you can have your own opinion but not on TV when you can hurt people that came and come to this country to make it a great place to live in.

Andreas Pommer


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Dennis Bremner

It has nothing to do with the fact that Don is a 85 year old white Anglo Saxon, Ok Boomer, non hashtag, non-trending generator that does not determine whether he/she is “offended by any news” in the world by checking what side the hashtaggers are on, right?
So no leeway is allowed whatsoever for a guy that is 85 has far exceeded the working age of most people, is known to be outspoken and is the reason he was hired! So when a guy who shoots from the lip, makes a mistake goes to apologize it no longer matters, its “the offended” and the trending hashtaggers that determine guilt or innocence now?

In fact why bother even having courts, seems to be a waste of time? Lets leave everything up to Twitter/Facebook mob from here on in, the “offended will rule”, they will determine who is employed and who is not! Who should be forgiven and who should not!
Lord help a guy/gal that makes a mistake from this day forth, that needs to feed his family, because society has determined, there will be “selective hashtag forgiveness” and you may watch your family starve for your penalty!
A “yuppy blackface icon, guilty of a conflict of interest twice, (your raised the comparison) that is an embarrassment on the world stage, and cries on cue for the hashtag crowd, is “forgiven with a keystroke”!! Ahhhh but an “Ok Boomer should have his career demolished” and its not over I am sure the keyboards are just smoking trying to destroy his legacy ,but that’s justice, right? Legacies can be created and demolished, forgiveness is now measured by the “trending/hashtag mob” !
Your interpretation of what an 85 year old meant is exactly what is wrong with society, I know what he said, but he is saying that is not what he meant, but it does not matter once you become a hashtag.
So you decide to write a letter to the Editor, start shooting from the lip and being as liberal as you can to try encompass as many people as you can, in hopes what, that they find they too should be offended so you get a hashtag of your own? Would you be as quick to throw your 85 year old grandfather under the bus for a mistake, or is that just reserved for old white guys?

Its pretty simple if you don’t over think this….. BUY A DAMN POPPY was the “intended” message and had you walked around Toronto instead of your keyboard, you would realize why the message was sent, albeit inappropriately….but lets forget the message and run with the offended hashtag, it gets more likes!
The guy is 85, I think he should be applauded for not drooling at this point, yet the hashtag society demands he think as quickly on his feet, as a keyboard yuppy? At this very moment there are at least 10 million keyboard yuppies searching the Inet looking for “something/anything” that they can be offended by, in hopes of destroying another human being! The new mantra, be offended first, destroy someone and be recognized as a super cool trending hashtagger!
This society is so screwed up you don’t even realize you are supporting this incessant stupidity!


Gee, Bremner, what part of being a paid professional don’t you get? You want us to cut him some slack?Cherry messed up at his job..supremely this time. The end. He should apologize, instead of hiding behind his excuse that he’s only trying to fight for respect for our veterans.

George McCrea

It must be comforting to think that no one can tell you anything you don’t already know!

George McCrea

It must be comforting to think that no one can tell you anything you don’t already know!. Anyone who studies the history of ideas should notice how much more often people on the political left, more so than others, denigrate and demonize those who disagree with them and express themselves through juvenile name calling. Thomas Sowell.

Dennis Bremner

h2ofield, he was not a professional, he was a mouth piece that entertained. He was paid for appearing on coaches corner because there was a demand for his demeanor and opinion. I do not even watch the guy but I can tell you one thing for certain, the same yuppy group that swarmed the internet too defend Mr Dressup, blackface two time conflict of interester, were the same group that decided Cherry went too far.
Now I quite realize you probably didn’t get to the bottom of my previous rant but the mere fact he is not drooling or wondering out of the studio, should be commended. I didn’t hire him, obviously someone was making money from his arrogance and it was more then just Cherry making the money.
The guy should have retired long ago, so whose fault is it that he was still on the air, I can tell you the network was not losing money on him I can assure you of that, so they kept him around long enough that eventually he would fall on his mouth. Ahh we are such good people in making sure he trashed his own position. If not at 85 would they have let him get to 90 and maybe defecate on stage and then toss him?


So sad the Liberal moral-compass is powered by hypocrisy! Trudope gets a pass because of a so-called apology and the old guy gets the door for sticking-up for veterans. The pandemic “political correctness” knows no bounds!

Fedup Conservative

How many of you guys got paid $1.1 million a year for only working 10 minutes a week, only in the winter, paid to hurl sarcastic comments at our foreign players and anyone else who wasn’t dumb enough to think like him.Ron MacLean was always trying to make up excuses for his stupidity. While Canadians whined about what it was costing tax payers to run the CBC when they tried to fire highly over paid Cherry, over the years, the people wouldn’t let them. Now I’m betting the CBC is happy they were able to get rid of him and his present employer is happy to. To put it bluntly the guy was a jerk, making fools of Canadians for paying for his girly style suits, as my friends call them. Players who played against him in junior hockey tell us he was one of the dirtiest players they ever saw and the biggest coward. After hitting someone from behind he would run off the ice to hide.

Dennis Bremner

Gee Fedup, the “people” didn’t want Cherry fired and “the people” wanted the UCP… it must be terrible being you lol

diplomacy works

Cherry was an old time bigot who bigotted once too often.

So the private company that held his contract fired him.

Sucks to be him.

Hockey and Canada are better off without him.