October 28th, 2020

Albertans with vision loss are facing service cuts

By Letter to the Editor on November 19, 2019.

Many Lethbridge residents are probably unaware that health-care services for Albertans with vision impairments have been drastically reduced this year. Most Albertans have long associated these services with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), but as of this year there is a new player on the block, at least in Alberta. It is called “Vision Loss Rehabilitation Alberta (VLRA).

VLRA is tasked with providing many of the services previously provided by CNIB, but with less money. As a consequence, four of the six regional offices in Alberta were shuttered on Sept. 20. These were the Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Red Deer and Grande Prairie offices. The closure of these regional offices was accompanied by the reduction of VLRA staff from 27 to 16. Clients living outside Calgary and Edmonton must therefore wait until over-stressed staff in the two remaining offices can schedule visits to their communities.

I know Albertans voted for fiscal restraint in the last provincial election, but I am not sure they intended to impact the most vulnerable Albertans in such a hurtful manner.

Robert D. Tarleck


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Please stop the whining Bob! Everybody will feel the pain.



Please describe the pain the premier feels while taking home close to $186,000 per yer from Alberta taxpayers? And, his cabinet ministers at $181,000 and MLAs at $121,000?

How are corporations, who received a significant tax reduction, feeling the pain?

What pain will David Knight Legg feel – you know, the guy who recently spent $48,000 of tax payer money in a mere six months including four posh trips to London UK?

How painful is it going to be for Denton’s law firm after being awarded a legal contract for more than $900,000?

Tom Olsen, Managing Director of the War Room, with a salary of $195,000 – how much pain will he feel?

Your income, johnny57, depends on your ability to see. The readers know this. You’ve disclosed this information many times in the past. You drive for a living.

How much would you be feeling the pain if you were to be declared legally blind?


Point taken, I am lucky that my vision is excellent for my job. And I do feel for the ones that struggle day to day with vision issues. I know this only to well because I interact with them on a regular basis and hear their stories.
Having said that i am a staunch supporter of balanced budgets like most of us home-grown Albertans (all of us will take a hit) and conduct my own affairs in the same way.
As far as politicians pay and perks are concerned I do believe we need incentives as-such to attract the best to the table. No regular Joe or Mary could do it effectively.

I do hope we get value for money spent when it comes to the so-called war-room to combat the real assault on Alberta’s energy industry and the thousands here that have lost their jobs and livelihood. Sadly this component of our province seems to be conveniently over-looked by the Liberal minded types.


Please tell us which outfit j57 works for!
Or maybe he’ll tell us.



I have no idea who johnny57 drives for, and, if I did, what purpose would it serve to post the information in a public forum? It is his publicly expressed callous comment that should be addressed.


Why? So I can boycott the business that hires such an ass.


Logic finally! Imo.


Now why would I disclose that kind of information so a pathological moron like you ( h2o) could do damage to me?


You cannot damage the already damaged.


“Please tell us which outfit j57 works for!”….You are a bigger moron h2o than I knew you were!


Hope the Herald boots you out for good!


I cannot wait until the ‘real names only, no usernames’ policy kicks in on these forums.