October 20th, 2020

Climate-change deniers show lack of logic

By Letter to the Editor on November 20, 2019.

We’ve been hearing a lot from the climate-change deniers lately. It seems that Greta Thunberg is scaring them, so they resort to calling her a “child” so what could she know.

She consistently says “don’t listen to me. Read the science.” Alberta government officials choose the same response. The problem is that the deniers don’t want to have to make any changes in their lifestyle so let’s just call the science “quasi-science” or pretend we need more CO2 to get more growth on the Earth. I’m constantly amazed by the lack of logic used by many.

Now we have an Alberta government cutting funding for many services and wage earners, while setting up the “War Room,” at a cost of $30 million, to fight their own citizens who care about the environment. While in Missisauga in June, the Kenney government was running full-page ads in the Globe and Mail, claiming all kinds of damage to services if the June 18 decision of TMX didn’t pass. Local reporters noted that Canadians weren’t voting on this, neither was Parliament, so why didn’t he save money and phone the 35 people who were making the decision? They spent about $3 million on ads and billboards. Talk about misuse of taxpayer money.

Now we have a premier saying they just have to cut wages. It’s easy to take a wage cut as premier when you’re also on the federal MP pension payroll. Don’t need to worry about paying rent, etc. Not only did Albertans do the same old vote federally but we’re back to the same old provincially as well.

When will we ever learn?

Frances Schultz


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Fedup Conservative

Great comments Frances. Now watch these mindless seniors come out to hurl their sarcastic comments at you. I am really starting to think lawyers are right, we should be hauling them into court, suing them for putting this province in the mess that it’s in, what do you think? I was called a moron recently because I pointed out in the Red Deer Newspaper that Ralph Klein and Jason Kenney were lying when they told these fools that Alberta is broke because we are sending $10 billion a year to Ottawa and Quebec in equalization payments. These payments come out our Federal Taxes and have nothing to do with why this province is in financial ruin and every lawyer and accountant and banker agrees with me. Dr. David Swann had a wonderful letter in the Edmonton Journal which is right on and I suggest everyone read it

“Swann: Stop The Blame Game Alberta’s plight is our own doing” Could these fools prove he’s wrong in court when the lawyers, accountants, oilmen, bankers and former MLAs that we have been talking to over the years agree with him?

How would these fools do if we sued them for the $260 billion, they helped create by supporting Klein, that is pointed out in this article:
“Ralph Klein’s multi billion Liability about to blow up in Alberta’s faces”. Maybe the ignorant seniors had better come up with a plan to get this $260 billion deficit paid that we hold them responsible for and maybe they had better start keeping their idiotic comments to themselves so they don’t end up in court, what do you think? As we saw with Don Cherry freedom of speech can only go so far, but you start hurting the people with idiotic comments it’s a whole different story, as Cherry found out . He lost his $1.1 million a year ridiculous salary to buy his girly suits as a friend calls them. While I provide facts they provide idiotic comments and somehow that makes them a lot smarter than me. Look at the facts on display with global warming , yet they claim it’s a hoax? A guy told me about ten years ago that I shouldn’t bad mouth these seniors, I should pity them, they really are that stupid. I’m sorry but I have no pity for stupid seniors that are too damn dumb to understand what they have done to us, and I think it’s time to start the lawsuits on behalf of our children, what do those of you who don’t share their ignorance think?

Dennis Bremner

Fedup said: “I was called a moron recently because I pointed out in the Red Deer Newspaper that Ralph Klein and Jason Kenney were lying when they told these fools that Alberta is broke because we are sending $10 billion a year to Ottawa and Quebec in equalization payments. These payments come out our Federal Taxes and have nothing to do with why this province is in financial ruin and every lawyer and accountant and banker agrees with me.”
Well you appear to have alot of moron friends too because you and they are ALL WRONG. The Alberta Government provides to Ottawa $49 billion worth of taxes and in return Ottawa sends back $27.2 billion in the form of Federal Spending. The 21.8 billion that the Feds are keeping back is being used to pay Quebec its equalization payments. So you and your moron friends who think you “can manipulate the money into a sidepocket and “it’s the Feds paying the Equalization payments not Alberta all you wish, but you are wrong! As for Alberta sending $10billion a better start sharpening that pencil because your FACTS are absolute CRAP!
Albertans are spending $5625 per person more to belong in confederation then they are getting back!! Meanwhile Quebec for example, in 2016, received $16 billion more from federal coffers than they paid in federal taxes.
In 2016 Quebec paid $50.3 billion in total federal taxes, in fact, almost identical to the $49 billion paid by Alberta that year. But Quebec received $66.4 billion in federal expenditures in 2016 — 244 per cent more than the federal monies poured into Alberta in the same period.

So “moron” I would highly suggest you recheck your statement :
You said……………… While “I provide facts they provide idiotic comments and somehow that makes them a lot smarter than me”.

The defense rests- moron!
Pretty easy to make you look bad, do you know how to use google? https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/of-course-alberta-is-getting-fleeced-by-ottawa-just-not-in-the-way-you-think
As for “Suing Seniors (as if they alone elected the government ) there is only one answer to that…. “Democracy exercised” is something you can be sued for, because you don’t like the results?? Thats toooo funny, I need to speak to that guy/gal in Red Deer that called you a MORON, he/she is a savant!


Before you criticise anyone or call people deniers you should read the document in ints whhole from the IPCC, it is #I75. It simple states that the temperature of the earth is rising by about 1.5 degrees by 2030. This will not cause a calamity and is just a projection that the politicians have grabed onto to meet their own agenda of control of the world population and it seems to be working quite well. While the population is fightoing amonst themselves the powers at be are making moves to control yet more of our economy,

Fedup Conservative

You go right on believing the lies you are fed, ignoring what you are seeing and making yourself look like a damn fool. I’m smart enough to see the horrific storms destroying this planet. I have seen the glaciers , that my wife and I have visited over the years, disappearing at an unbelievable rate, I’m not dumb enough to ignore these forest fires destroying Fort MacMurray , Northern Alberta, California, or Australia, costing people their lives and billions of dollars in damage. I see the flooding in Venice and saw the flooding in Calgary and High River, and the horrific hurricanes and the damage they are doing because of global warming. I have salmon fished the west coast for 50 years and my friends and family know scientists are right the rise in ocean temperatures are having a massive effect on the fish. In the 1950s many salmon weighted up to 50 lbs. now we are lucky if we catch a 15 to 20 lb. one. No I ‘m not dumb enough to just believe what we are being fed in writing I’m smart enough to see for myself, so why aren’t you?
But then many of us haven’t forgotten how easy it was for Ralph Klein to fool our Alberta seniors with all his lies. Kenney is the new Klein and is doing it again. What we saw with the gal from Sweden proved our children and grandchildren are a lot smarter than our seniors, but that’s not surprising as a retired RCMP officer I knew would point out. It is seniors who aren’t smart enough to avoid allowing con-artists from stealing their life’s savings. The taxpayer’s money , and time wasted by officers is disgusting , these seniors should be a lot smarter.

Dennis Bremner

There are two types of deniers Mr. Shultz. They are created by two types of Treehugging Planet Lovers.

Treehugging Planet Lover #1 is a Dodo bird that believes we shut down oil today, not any other day, but TODAY. The same treehugger concentrates on Canada’s 1.6% contribution as if its our 1.6% melting the Arctic. The same treehugger is a narrow minded person who pickets Pipelines because he feels pulling oil around North America in a Train is smarter. The same treehugger insists we can become energy independant of fossil fuels if we use Solar and Wind. The same treehugger does not calculate that we would need to cover everything from the Montana Border to Brooks from province edge to province edge to generate enough electricity to remove Alberta from our .06% contribution in that 1.6% During the same period, China would increase there output by an additional 3% (forecast for 2020) and the net result would be, no one could live in Southern Alberta because its full of solar and windmills and the planet would have 2.4% more GHGs. But no one would live in Southern Alberta.
The same treehugger also holds a news conference as “Climate Barbie” and says Canada is warming faster then the rest of the planet (apparently true) then immediately issues a panic that we have to get our 1.6% under control as if the other 98.4% is NOT responsible for Canada warming. The same treehugger believes deep down that much like Maxweell Smarts/Chief’s Dome of Silence somehow extends around Canada and its only our 1.6% killing Canada and by inference “The Planet”.

Treehugger Planet Lover #2
This person realizes that it will take 30 years to get off oil, and Solar and Wind will not supply us our needs so looks for alternatives, new technology and sanely approaches a strategy

Denier #1 he/she just doesn’t believe any of the science, has no rationale for not believing it but just does. He/she believes that its a Commie run con job.

Denier #2 he/she believes that the Treehugger #1 is a complete nutbar and wishes the guy/gal would “shut the fark up” so one could rationally listen to Treehugger #2 but Treehugger #1 is far too busy running around the chicken coop yelling the sky is falling and issue dire warnings and no solutions, other than too say STOP. Denier # 2 is not denying the science. Denier #2 just wishes that funding was not cut off to all those that oppose the theory. Because good science is science that can stand the scrutiny and the funding needed for that scrutiny and still be “the science”. Denier #2 believes that Treehugger #1 is ruining any chance of saving the planet in a logical approach but when he/she voices her/his views all it becomes is a shouting match where Treehugger #2 runs around the same chicken coop yelling Denier!, Denier!. Greta is a great example of a person who has been pre-programmed by adults who are Treehugger #1 types. They believe that a crying child is as good as, or better than, a dead Loon in an Oilsands Tailings pond, because both get big headlines and have the same impact!


Please tell us Francis why your rock-star Greta Thunberg is not going after the big emitters like China and the USA! Just easier I guess to pick on the low hanging fruit like Canada and its weak leadership team eh!