October 28th, 2020

Political correctness has gone too far

By Letter to the Editor on November 20, 2019.

When are we going to get over being politically correct? At one time a person could say something without being called a bigot or a racist. We change for the moral minority, not the majority. I want to be able to say something without being called the bad person for what I think.

When is enough, enough?

Dale Thompson


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Citi Zen

Agreed, Dale. This political correctness is the reason for the downfall of our society.
Let’s call a spade a spade, and forget all of this foolishness.
Some people are just too sensitive.


except, of course, if it offends YOU.

Citi Zen

You’re too sensitive…..


You are insensitive.



language, policies, or measures that are intended to avoid offense or disadvantage to members of particular groups in society


a person who has strong, unreasonable beliefs and who does not like other people who have different beliefs or a different way of life


someone who believes that other races are not as good as their own and therefore treats them unequally


concerned with the principles of right and wrong behaviour and the goodness or badness of human character


Comes with responsibilities. The Supreme Court of Canada has recognised that the Charter’s guarantee of freedom of expression is not absolute. It has upheld restrictions on forms of expression that it has deemed to run contrary to the spirit of the Charter, such as hate speech, given that the purpose of such expression is to prevent the free exercise of another group’s rights.


the fact of people with white skin having advantages in society that other people do not have


discomfort and defensiveness on the part of a white person when confronted by information about racial inequality and injustice


The highlights of persistent disparities experienced by Indigenous communities and communities of colour include:

The 2016 Census showed that 20.8% of peoples of colour in Canada are low-income compared to 12.2% of non-racialized people;

Racialized women earned 58 cents, and racialized men earned 76 cents, for every dollar a white man earned in Ontario in 2015. The ‘colour-code’ persists for second generation workers of colour;

The 2016 Census data shows a 45% income gap between Indigenous women and non-Indigenous men, while the average income gap between all Indigenous and non-Indigenous people were 33%;

Black students were 12% of the Toronto District School Board student population but represented 48% of all expulsions; Indigenous students were 0.3% of the student population and 1% of all expulsions;

Eastern, Mediterranean and Southwest Asian students were 4% of the population but 8% of all expulsions;

In 2016, 40% of inmates in segregation at the Toronto South Detention Centre were Black, but they are only 7.5% of the Toronto population;

Most recent immigrants were spending more than 50% of their income on housing; 15% spend 75% or more of their income on housing;

A national study reported that individuals with an Indigenous identity were more than twice as likely (18%) to have experienced hidden homelessness as their non-Indigenous counterparts (8%);

In 2011-2012, almost 11 million Canadian households experienced food insecurity; the percentage was higher among recent immigrants – 19.6%, versus 12.4% among Canadian born



Racism and bigotry continues to be a moral issue. Very puzzling and concerning that the writer should place this in association with the terms “moral majority” and “moral minority”.


I would like to ask both the letter writer and the comment writer Cit Zen just what they can’t say anymore because of political correctness? IMO has provided the ground rules, but we don’t know what statements you want to make or have made that you feel are being shut down, Please help us out by stating what you want to say. If you can’r print it in a comment to your letter then why?

Citi Zen

A recent article stating that we can no longer use the term “midget ” hockey… it’s all really quite silly.


Yes, Mr.Thompson.. we don’t know what statements you want to make or have made that you feel are being shut down, Please help us out by stating what you want to say.


The list is long, you cannot use the term ‘you people”, you cannot criticize minority groups of any description, unless they are Christian or Jewish, you cannot mention gender without offending someone,
You cannot mention stature, you cannot compliment females or hold doors open for them. You cannot invite conservative speakers to universities any more, you cannot hold politically incorrect views if you are a politician any more, you cannot be a skeptic of global warming, if you are a scientist and wish to keep your job , or as an individual if you. dont want hate mail. You cannot produce fossil fuels without your industry being threatened with extinction. You cannot build pipelines any more that cross provincial borders. You cannot believe that the world will not end soon, You cannot have conservative views as a university professor, without condemnation from your students and other faculty members. And that is by no means a full accounting !


The wacky “left” knows no limits Dale. Free speech is under attack! The attack is coming from the loonie-left and is like a cancer in some of our University’s, ask Jorden Peterson, I am sure he can clue you in.
Sad part is it’s starts with our impressable young and has spread like a cancer through-out our society.
Just oppose-it Dale every time you encounter it, that’s all we can do until the infection subsides.

Citi Zen

I recently had a conversation with a gentleman from the Apache nation in the US. He commented “I am an American Indian, and proud of It”. He couldn’t understand the problem with using the term “indian” , which is apparently unacceptable here.