October 29th, 2020

SCS has attracted problems

By Letter to the Editor on November 20, 2019.

Re: Nov. 15 letter, “SCS isn’t to blame for crime problems.”

The SCS has attracted, and continues to attract a plethora of criminals to Lethbridge. This is not only a given due to the nature of the site, but also has been admitted by the Lethbridge police and the Kainai Nation (Blood reserve). This is why for the last couple of years, we’ve had a massive increase in assaults, armed robberies, theft, and break and enters.

The Lethbridge SCS is not a true supervised consumption site. Most of their users go in, grab their free needles and meth pipes, and leave to get high right outside of the building, or in our parks, playgrounds and schoolyards. Furthermore, at just about any time, drug deals can be witnessed right outside of the SCS. As such, more accurate terms for the site would be, “Drug Tools Distribution Site,” “Drug Haven,” or as the addicts aptly call it, “The Drug Clubhouse.”

The SCS doesn’t save lives. For the most part, it prolongs addicts suffering and their inevitable death. In the meantime, innocent people are now constantly subject to their crimes.

The SCS has been, and continues to be, a disaster for Lethbridge. Any politician who played a part in bringing this insanity to Lethbridge should admit their error, apologize and take action to correct the problem.

Close the drug clubhouse and mandate court-ordered long-term rehab and/or long-term jail. That’s the only way to reverse the cesspool of drugs and crime that the SCS (and our so-called “leaders”) have created.

Seth Anthony


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Dennis Bremner

It would appear that Spearman still wishes to make downtown Lethbridge the center for all addicts in Southern Alberta. He now suggests that Lethbridge Residents should get used to the idea that there will be Drug Recovery sites throughout Lethbridge so that those seeking to get off drugs can do so in a “Residential Environment”.
So his full intention is to spread this entire fiasco across Lethbridge proper, although I would suggest there will not be any rehab facilities anywhere near Spearman’s or Phillips homes. So really its a matter of the rest of us in this community to accept his vision as to how Lethbridge is to develop, or NOT! So get used to the concept of a “DownTown East Side Vancouver”, if you continue to do nothing, because THAT IS Spearman’s plan!.
The only way to get this under control is a whole sale change in thinking in the next 4 months. Beyond that LAPD will be too busy dealing with the motorcycle gangs looking for housing and it will be too late. So I would suppose he thinks procrastinating into the summer so this CANNOT be saved from the inevitable is his strategy.
Wake up Lethbridge!

These are the statistics that are saving Bourgue and Manning at the moment, because there were no deaths in Lethbridge from Crime in 2019, the position on the Macleans list only moved from 19th most dangerous to 15th. But as I have said in other posts, it does not clearly indicate where we actually stand because petty theft, B&E, and muggings etc have risen.

So to prevent the Mayor from celebrating some manipulated numbers here is a quote:
“The average Canadian CSI is 75.01, while Lethbridge’s is 159. According to the list, while Lethbridge has had no homicides, the rate and number of other crimes are sometimes twice or three times the national average.”

So what the article is saying, had we had even 2 deaths our ranking would have changed drastically. B&Es, muggings, petty property theft have skyrocketed but not because of Bourgues paying clients, but because “dung just happens on its own”! Hence the reason I warn about the summer of 2020…..watch for the Motorcycle Clubs to suddenly arrive, then watch what happens to the “I am the West Side drug lord tough guy with a Swiss Army knife, BB gun and a flip phone!
Once the tier one drug gangs arrive, you not only will not be able to remove the drug addicts, but the bait of Spearman’s housing will absolutely ensure that more and more addicts arrive….wake up Lethbridge

Seth Anthony

What was once a safe city has now been overrun by criminal addicts and dealers that consider Lethbridge a drug haven with little to no consequences for their actions. There are now daily media reports of criminal addicts robbing, mugging, assaulting, break and entering, etc. For each of these media reported crimes, there are multiple daily addict crimes being reported on social media in which the police show up hours later, or often not at all. These crimes don’t show up in the media, or in crime statistics. Regardless, when caught, the addict criminal inevitably gets the proverbial slap on the wrist despite their long list of previous crimes, failing to appear, failing to adhere to release conditions, etc, etc. No rational society would accept this insanity, yet here we are.

The powers to be have initiated the social experiment of “Harm Reduction”, and it has proven to be a dismal failure that only extends the addicts suffering and allows them to continuously victimize innocent people. It’s NOT harm reduction for the addicts, and it’s harm PRODUCTION for innocent people. Unless this failure is stopped, Lethbridge will continue to grow as a cesspool of drugs and crime.

Addicts need rehabilitation, not an enabling Supervised Consumption Site. They should not be allowed to continuously harm others. Our council and mayor need to do the right thing and lobby the provincial government to stop funding the SCS, and open a rehab centre at the jail. These repeat criminal addicts would then be court ordered to live at the rehab centre for a 1 year period in which they can be taught work skills, etc. If they refuse that, then it’s long term jail. Either way, this method will serve to significantly reduce addiction, and stop addict criminals from victimizing others. Most importantly, this method will truly save addict’s lives, instead of the fake “life saving” that the SCS claims, but in truth, only extends the addict’s suffering.


You won’t see the Mayor and many of his ‘sheep’ lobby to get rid of the site . . . it is like he has some attachment to it . . . I would like to know what that attachment is!

It clearly has destroyed many lives that are NOT addicts and DO NOT use the site !

I agree with you, we need to shut down the ‘consumption’ part of the site and focus on effective treatment that begins with charging addicts and prison diversion to rehab, effective treatment that is not the current 30-90 days that has high rates of failure, but modeled after an award winning program used in the US that is 12-15 months and has low failure rates.

When you enable them you are slowly killing them as you watch their bodies become emanciated until death.

Shut down the site for consuming and divert those funds to AHS operated facilities that operate and are governed and answer to AHS.

Right now the SCS is almost untouchable when you file complaints against the site . . . one AHS employed told me AHS has no power to govern the site, it was a unique relationship!

A unique situation? Our tax dollars and we don’t have a say?

Shut it down . . . there is a very large machine working in multiple agencies that were spawned to support effects of this site and those funds are better spent on treatment!

Citi Zen

Dennis and Seth, thank you both for your letters and wise words. You have stated the facts as seen by, I’m sure, the majority of common sense Lethbridge residents. One can only hope that city admin and others of authority take your words to heart.

Seth Anthony

You’re welcome.

With some amendments, my previous reply is going to Kenney and a few other government officials.


It seems that our powes-at-be have blinderrs on to even suggest the establisment of a safe injection site after the great success (sic) after 2 decades of operation of the INSITE in Vancouver DTES. They now have over 8000 drug addicts roaming and camping in the area.


Macleans took the stats from the same report released from Stats Canada July 22, 2019. To put 2020 on it is very misleading and I question their integrity in this matter.

Unfortunately, if you go to: https://www150.statcan.gc.ca/n1/daily-quotidien/190722/t004a-eng.htm

you will see Table 4 – Police-reported Crime Severity Index and crime rate, by census metropolitan area, 2018 . . . still shows Lethbridge as #1, indexed at 137.

Where did Macleans get the idea of throughing 2020 on the report when 2019 is not over yet?

There is also a rating of 159 on the Crime Severity Index and 116 on the Violent Crime Severity Index.

We are still #1 on the “Police-reported” Crime Severity Index. Next July we will see how we rate for 2019.

Where . . . How . . . did Macleans come up with 2020 when they are using 2018 stats . . . it used to be a good magazine!