October 24th, 2020

Churchill hosted a stirring Remembrance assembly

By Letter to the Editor on November 22, 2019.

I recently attended a Remembrance assembly at Winston Churchill High School and feel compelled to write this letter as I walked away feeling very stirred and encouraged.

I attended this assembly because my father, who is a Second World War veteran, was speaking at this event. I was so impressed with the audience and the work that went into this assembly by the staff and students.

Firstly, during the moment of silence, which was the full two minutes, I have never been in a room so quiet. The music was beautiful and the students were incredibly respectful. Following the assembly, my heart was so completely touched by the number of students (and others) who took the time to shake my dad’s hand and thank him for his service.

I think Churchill has received unwarranted negative press in the past and in my experience it usually comes from lack of knowledge and preconceived perceptions.

As a mother of five, I have attended many Remembrance assemblies during my 24 years as a school parent. The schools are doing a great job helping our students acknowledge the sacrifices made by many to protect our freedoms.

It truly was an honour to be part of this Remembrance assembly.

Well done, Churchill!

Nancy Mitchell


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