October 26th, 2020

No link between commissioner’s firing and UCP probe?

By Letter to the Editor on November 22, 2019.

If there is anybody out there who can look me straight in the face and, without cracking a smile, tell me the Provincial Elections Commissioner isn’t being fired because of his investigation into the UCP “kamikaze” leadership scandal, then all I’ve got to say is: “Better lay off the botox, pal. You’re dribbling.”

Ken Sears


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Fedup Conservative

You got it Ken. It’s no different than the Alberta Energy Regulator pointing out to Albertans about the disaster Klein created in regards to the Orphan Well mess. Jason Kenney found it smart to punish them for bringing it to the public’s attention by slashing their budget by $147 million and forcing them to lay off workers.


what else can we expect from a resident of Ottowa. in fact how come we got an non resident reformer for premier. it seems albertans are so dumb they will vote for anyone that says they are conservative. te only truth is t “CON” artist. so instead of halt the investigation it is more effective to fire the investigator, but not really, just remove his budget, that is even more efficient.

Fedup Conservative

Let’s hope he has hung himself. How many times do people have to call him a liar before these ignorant seniors wake up and admit they were wrong about him? Even Ralph Klein called him a liar years ago as this points out. “Ralph Klein Accused Lobby Jason Kenney Led of Spreading Lies and Robbing Seniors”. Ralph Klein was right my sister and brother in law lost $30,000. because of him and Harper and Kenney is doing it once again. While he looks after himself and his rich friends he is going to make us seniors pay.


how would even those that believe in kenney-doll accept this? seems like there are an awful lot of sad folks suffering from battered voter syndrome. meanwhile, what is happening with the rcmp investigation?

George McCrea

If one considers the history of the appointment of Mr. Gibson, the “elections commissioner” his office was a creation of the NDP government. It is noted that the powers bestowed on Mr. Gibson included the ability without warrant to enter into any constituency office or parliamentary office and demand what he pleased among a broad brush of undefined investigative powers. This however, was a redundant appointment as under legislation already in place the Chief Electoral Officer already had the power to do exactly this. It has been noted in other articles past that the office of election commissioner was brought about under Bil 32 by the NDP, at Christmas, where debate would be limited. It is noted at the time the Chief Electoral Officer at the time Mr. Resler, indicated he was not consulted about this legislation, which would seem to the reasonable, an unreasonable approach in that the NDP, by appointing Mr. Gibson were basically usurping the already in place authority of Mr. Resler. Now, one must ask, why would you need a second person, doing what one already has the authority to do. One can assume (bad word) that considering the number of members in opposition to the NDP ideology that Mr. Gibson was deliberately appointed by the NDP as a hit man on UCP, Liberal, Green members. Interesting to note that the only ones Gibson “investigated” to my knowledge were UCP members which the Chief Electoral Officer already had the authority to do. In conclusion, right or wrong, any sane organization would not have two people doing the same job, unless you have access to bag loads of other peoples money.