October 22nd, 2020

Fair is fair

By Letter to the Editor on November 23, 2019.

Dear Premier Kenney:

I see that your government has decided that all provincial employees (teachers, nurses, etc.) should have their pension funds taken and put into one large pension fund. I also see that on other issues you have repeatedly and strongly promoted the idea of “fairness” for Alberta.

So here is a proposal, based on your precedent for handling pensions, and your desire for fairness. I would like the federal government in Ottawa to take the very substantial pension you earned for being an MP and a cabinet minister and put it aside in a special fund. Justin Trudeau could pick from any number of his friends to administer this new fund.

I think that would be fair, don’t you?

Allan Wilson


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diplomacy works

Yes, let`s try that.

Y’know, just to see how well it works.

Not just Kenney but all the once federal politicians now stirring the western alienation & separatism pot.


not too unlike the feds in the 1990s stealing away the successful pension accruals from the public service sector…and the lame supreme court supporting the theft. do we get a say here? is it not yet time for the masses to draw a line in the sand, get off their butts and take a stand to demonstrate enough is enough. the 4 plus billions in gifts of public money to the wealthiest should have us seething already. the multinational corp is not here for the masses, it exists for the ceos and investors. and here we have a govt that has very obviously shown its contempt for the masses as well. folks, we have far more power than a stupid “x” every few years. maybe time to demonstrate our power and walk off the job and take back ownership of our govts. we do not have to accept this crap.


Yes, biff! More tribute for the industrial kings whose power stands in inverse ratio to their responsibility!


fes – very nicely stated