October 28th, 2020

Temporary cuts can turn out to be permanent

By Letter to the Editor on November 27, 2019.

As a teacher in the Klein era when he gave huge advantages to Big Oil, we as a group were coerced into a five per cent salary cut. Sadly, at the same time he was giving away our resources to foreign companies at bargain-store prices.

The problem is that for many of us it was not a short-term sacrifice. We were assured that it was short-term pain for long-term gain and we would be compensated for our co-operation in this temporary cut. I and many of my friends retired under this “helpful” sacrifice period and as a result our pensions (based on the last three years of salary) have been reduced by five per cent forever. I cannot help but think what that money might have done to support me in old age.

Those of you who are listening to our current premier, take care. He and the Legislature voted themselves a five per cent cut. FYI, they are still the highest-paid provincial representatives in Canada.

I am certain this will not end in a positive way.

Joan Haig


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Fedup Conservative

Joan has nailed it. That’s what Klein did and you can bet Kenney will do the same.


And how are Alberta teachers paid relative to peers? Or compared to our hundred thousands of un(der)employed Albertans that pay teachers? That load has to decreas and if Kenney can help he gets my vote.


Private sector workers in Alberta are paid much more than public equivalents and private sector Alberta workers are paid more than their counterparts in other provinces. We have the highest GDP per capita in Canada and the lowest debt as a proportion of GDP. Why are we not sharing in the wealth we have instead of just oil and gas companies? They are not the job creators, they use our money and tax rebates to find ways to extract and export with as few Alberta workers as possible, that is a self-declared goal. Resource industries provide only about 11% of provincial revenues (much less than the transfer payments from the feds), but yet we give them everything they ask for.

George McCrea

Are you employing at the time of big wind and big solar
Kenney will do the same?


excellent letter and great additional points by grin


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