October 25th, 2020

The business of government is business

By Letter to the Editor on November 27, 2019.

One of the reasons a change of government is a positive thing in a healthy democracy is it forces the party voted out of power to re evaluate the way it was conducting itself.

That’s the theory at any rate. The Kenney government put the lie to that idea.

It appears that four years out of power wasn’t time enough to break any of the bad habits causing the persistent reek of corruption which permeated both the Alberta and federal Conservative administrations towards the end there.

Instead the premier chooses to regard the NDP years as an aberration, to be expunged from the public memory as quickly and completely as possible so the boys can get back to buying and selling favours, votes and positions just like the good old days.

And if he has to shut down the provincial election commission to do that?

Well … it’s red tape. It gets in the way of the business of government.

And, as we all know, the business of government is business … open to the highest bidder.

Ken Sears


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Ken, Nail-Head. The only thing valid on the UCP is the “CONS” in Conservative.

Fedup Conservative

Great comments Ken.

George McCrea

the Election commissioner was a position created to be
A pain In the ass for conservative governments by
the union friendly NDP. He was given the
Identical authority the Chief Electoral Officer Already had
So the UCP got rid of the duplicate position and
The Chief Electoral Officer has maintained and
Continues his existing authorities. It was an uneccessay
Appointment to begin with. Duplication of authority
Gibson had a reputation. Check it out. Bypassing an existing
Authority and appointing another to do the same thing
Favourable to your government is a classic affront
To democracy. Say tinpot dictatorship.


Not as if the position has a track record as it was an all new Notley bureaucracy. Notley – If one govt ee is good 57000 must be better. If we fire half of them it would free up the rest plus our money and we could recover!


you said it, ken.
and, too few in alberta seem to understand the con as phlush notes