October 25th, 2020

Oil-based products are still needed

By Letter to the Editor on November 28, 2019.

Littering of the environment incites campaigns against plastics. However, remove all oil products from modern society and we will have a shabby world. Not only will most of your car’s interior trimmings be gone, but also all asphalt roads, asphalt shingles on roofs, home heating, garbage bins, plastic bottles and containers in pharmacies, hardware and grocery stores; most carpets, upholstery, clothing and backpacks; and the painting industry will be without paint and gear.

Hospitals will not have plastic bags and tubing for drips and bladders; no rails for beds; no syringes; no bottles and bags for pills; no computers and screens; no protective overcoats; no foam-rubber mattresses and coverings; no bandage strips; no insulation for electric wiring; no medical gloves; and no garbage bags.

Seventy per cent of rubber used globally is made synthetically from oil. If oil products are banned from Earth, our cars will be without fuel, tires, hoses, wipers, door-sealing and lubrication. Electric cars need these, too. People will go to work on foot or bicycle.

“No, no!” you say, “We will shuttle with electric vehicles without drivers. We’ll call a number on our cellphones, and the nearest public car will pick us up.” Ah, but your phone will be without casing and electronic board; you will stand with a spoonful of copper and lead in the palm of your hand.

And where will the electricity come from? They will have to cover most of Earth’s land surface with solar panels and giant wind chargers to supply enough clean power for homes, industry, business and transport. Apart from the negative esthetic effect, think of the hazards to birds and benevolent insects like bees and butterflies.

Yes, we should seriously try to decrease the burning of fossil fuel, reducing pollution and climate change; but we will not be able to go without useful oil products like those mentioned above.

Dear Oilsands, thank you for providing in so many ways. You are part of our natural resources, gifts from Mother Nature. And we are willing to share.

Jacob Van Zyl


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Well done, Jakob. The last time I laughed this hard was when Clint Eastwood performed a soliloquy to a chair.

Dear Tree, even though you drop leaves on my lawn, I still love ya.

Dear Bauxite Mine, I love my aluminum cookware, though I can’t quite remember why.

George McCrea

Fescue prefers this kind of mining action. Got to have batteries for those virtue signalling cars.


Further Fescue Here is a link to Hw it works.

https://youtu.be/YORb6nQwT78 Starts at 1:08 and is about 5 minutes on how batteries are made. Pay particular attention from the 4 to 5 minute mark. I don’t know how you will be able to stand it as they describe how bitumen is used in the production of everyday batteries. I suggest an immediate purge for you. Also an interesting exercise is to attempt to count the number of machines, parts, products that all require oil at some stage of their development.


The Strawman cometh. I don’t think anyone is seriously advancing the notion that we eliminate plastics from industrial society. But it seems to be something that Conservative party apologists and The War Room can get worked up about.

And to use a favourite ploy of The Right: bitumen from Alberta accounts for less than 2% of world oil (the 98% being much cleaner and less likely to leave Albertans with a multi billion dollar cleanup liability when Big Oil walks away). Shut it down and spend our pensions on diversifying the economy and better supporting agriculture.

But thanks, George, for your consideration regarding the ever needed purge.


lol fes – awesome!
i must ask, without oil, how are people and other living organisms going to get their essential microplastics in their diets? i can answer that: our cities would just pick our pockets via increased taxation to buy industrial waste so as to be able to add microplastics to our water, like they do fluoride.
meanwhile, there is a sustainable substitute pretty much for everything, just like there is always someone/something else that can do your job.
the curious thing is that our motivations are mostly underscored by and based on the pursuit of money and with very little mind on common sense; as well, the vast majority of our limitations are based on a so-called lack of money, which is a socially conditioned perception – and utterly stupid, at that. we have…had?…a planet that could provide us all with all our needs, and plenty of wants, and the knowledge, skills and resources (sustainable ones) to get it all done…but somehow, we buy into an artificial economic construct that on the one hands binds us, while on the other underwrites our demise.


How else could the government increase revenue without raise the level of taxation. A well known American in 1853 claimed “If the horse population in the United States kept growing at the current rate the United States would be three feet deep in horse manure by 1953.”


Thanks Jacob for that reality check!. Sadly the loonie-toon eviro-morons have yet to figure this out.
A world without our clean Oilsands oil and oil in general would be a scary walk backwards for sure.
But of course these hypocrites would shut-down all fossil-fuel production tomorrow but at the same time whine because their flights were canceled back to Greta-land because of a fuel shortage.
Yes its worth mentioning again Jacob…”Dear Oilsands, thankyou for providing in so many ways.”