November 1st, 2020

Spending uproar an overreaction to the action

By Letter to the Editor on November 28, 2019.

Re: David Legg’s travel

I, too, am upset about David Legg from the premier’s office and the $19,000 of travel money.

But my concern comes from the other side, meaning I’m concerned how a spending like this for the purpose it is intended can set so many people’s hair on fire.

First off, David grew up here and was schooled in Lethbridge. David graduates and goes on to have a successful career in money management. He comes home for less money to help us out with “our people’s money” and this is what he gets?

I took out my $3 calculator and did some math. I am just guessing that our recent budget is $40 billion.

I could only get $40 million on my machine so I had to do it by hand. $19,000 is 00002.11111 per cent of $40 billion. Now to get all exited about 2.11111 ten-thousands of a per cent is a bit much in my opinion.

But then I thought of my days with Ralph Klein.

Ralph talked (preached) about transparency in matters of money. But he warned us to be ready for reactions. “You can spend out your billion-dollar budget and not hear a thing about it if you’re doing good and it’s going to the right places and doing the right things.”

Part of the reason is also the shear size of the amount. Many of us cannot visualize a billion dollars. But we can recognize $19,000 and off we go. In his case it was $79 for a pitcher of orange juice on a trip to Mexico.

Ralph’s warning – “it is only partly the action and the reaction to the action. It is all about the reaction to the reaction to the action.” Welcome back, David.

Clint Dunford


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While the current premier of Alberta is cutting services to AISH, seniors’ drugs, schools, and hospitals, Mr. Dunford is offended that concerned Albertans are just a tad more than upset over how Mr. Legg has been able to rack up $19,000 in expense claims in his recent trip to London UK bringing his total expenses thus far to $45,000.

The writer appears to be completely unmoved by how the cuts to the most vulnerable residents in this province will impact their lives?

It is a strange strategy that Mr. Dunford should select quotes from the former premier, Ralph Klein, in defence of his argument.

This, together with all of the writer’s ciphering is hardly convincing; therefore, I am not buying any bridges today.