October 22nd, 2020

It’s important to get all sides of a story

By Letter to the Editor on December 4, 2019.

Firstly it’s kudos to the Lethbridge Herald for providing more facts relating to the layoff of the election commissioner. It’s refreshing to have a newspaper that provides the other side of the story.

I was reading newspapers from Edmonton and listening to comments from Rachel Notley. Both selected only information that supported their misreporting while subtly implying the Election Alberta office was to be closed and investigations shut down. We now know this is not true.

As it turns out, the NDP created the commissioner’s position in 2018. Why did the NDP create so many new bureaucratic jobs anyway? The government is the biggest employer in the province, and we taxpayers foot the bill from every paycheque. As for the Elections office, we were the only province to have two people in similar positions with separate staff costing us an additional $1 million per year. It’s duplication and redundant.

I hope that Notley was only grandstanding with her comments and not trying to mislead the public as the facts would indicate. This is a stark reminder to get all sides of a story before making assumptions. Misrepresentation by big-city newspapers and once-respected politicians can appear factual.

Tom Burns


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Southern Albertan

Here is another side and an interesting read:

“Kenney’s elimination of election commissioner a step back from ‘evolutionary’ system, experts say”


“….a step back from what was one of Canada’s best electoral monitoring systems…..”

Tris Pargeter

Mr. Burns, you seem to be entirely skipping over the impetus for the UCP investigation in the first place, do you not? Some fines have already been levied.
Any observer over the last few years can rightly conclude that fundamental dishonesty has become the stock-in-trade of current conservatives, from the time they created the very first personal attack ad against Chretien, to the use of robocalls, and now apparently they’ve been found to be the ones that used bots in the federal election as well. The ends justify the means for them more than any other party obviously. All this proves, yet again, why we never talk about a “conservative democracy,” but a LIBERAL one.
And Jason Kenney simply has a dishonest face with that “shit-eating grin,” and he smirks all the time, like he’s hiding something. One fairly basic thing that he’s hiding is the fact that he happens to be a closet gay, probably because it clashes with his Catholic persona. Recall what Catholic doctrine thinks of homosexuality. Still. Unbelievably. Despite this, Kenney has shut down what was devised as protection for gay students in schools, and seen as the same by them.
It’s odd in this day and age, being a closet gay, unless of course most conservatives simply prefer to ignore most of what is generally agreed to be normal societal evolution in that, and other human rights directions, choosing instead to work on actively reversing much of that, in keeping with their intense affinity with medieval religious doctrine. It’s just another example of the “love that dare not speak its name.”
So not fans of modernity, these cons. Which is also new by the way, calling them “cons,” but language evolves too doesn’t it?
Another glaring example of this somewhat covert mission is that 28 of the UCP MLA’s are “pro-life,” which speaks volumes about the incipient direction of this party. Those 28 oppose women’s hard-won and absolutely basic reproductive rights, period.
So UCP could more accurately be called the United Christian Party.
And do you not recall the good old days when conservatives were more reasonable people, even called themselves “progressive,” before “bozo eruptions” became the norm? Since the Reform party took over, the conservative party has unfortunately become one big bozo eruption.


Tris, I love it.


The idea that there are cost savings is absolute bullish*t.


It will cost more because of the firing. So clearly that was not the reason he was fired.

Far more important than hearing “two sides” is getting to the truth of the matter.

Fedup Conservative

Great comments all of you. This conservative mess all started with Ralph Klein and it didn’t surprise our family , we had known him and his family since the early 1960s. There is nothing conservative about them it’s the Reform right wing extremists at work and we have to get it stopped. Even members of Klein’s own family were trying to stop him from destroying us and I think you know how that turned out.