October 26th, 2020

More questionable decisions by the City

By Letter to the Editor on December 5, 2019.

We are often left wondering why City employees make the decisions they do. When we call to inquire, it is quite difficult to obtain any logical answers.

The latest for us is the decision not to put up a snow fence along the southwest end of Nicholas Sheran Park which faces directly onto McGill Boulevard. We have lived on McGill for almost 40 years, and the snow fence has proved to alleviate the drifting snow from the park onto our street, sidewalks, driveways and intersection.

Recently, we had a light snowfall with southwest winds to follow. The park, from the street to the treeline, was bare of snow. McGill had over a foot of wet, slushy drifted-in snow which stayed until the chinook took it away. Comments from calls to the City indicate that they have decided not to put up a snow fence this year; instead, they will plow the street when it snows! Right! Won’t hold my breath for that.

When we do get snow and wind É and this is Lethbridge in winter É I will appreciate these decision makers being available to come over to McGill and witness the drifting, and maybe help us all shovel out. Seems to logical people that it would be much less expensive to erect the snow fence than to send equipment to clear this street every time it snows and blows. This decision will not only affect those living directly across from the park, but also anyone who accesses McGill Blvd. from Laval Blvd. as the intersection can be especially drifted in.

Those of us who have lived here for a long time remember another “experiment” of no snow fence about 20 years ago. That was a disaster. Perhaps, communication with the people who live in this area would help you make more logical decisions. We’ll see what happens this time a new gang of City “experts” implement another bright idea.

Pat Thurston


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It is like , How good a jobthe RED JACKETS have been doing in keeping the CIty safe. The only time I saw a RED JACKET therewere 6 of them standing on a street corner oppisite the policestation. Were they keeping themselves safe at this location, because I rarelly see anyone walkingis this area.?


Add it to the long list of bad decisions the leadership of this city has made. They won’t spend a few dollars putting up the snow fencing but when the winds blow, they will be busy cleaning up other areas of the city, or hire more private sector vehicles and equipment at a high cost.
This summer they had a company come in to mill off top lifts of the asphalt on many roadways to put a new lift on top of the roads. The company milled areas that didn’t have enough asphalt left to support the new lifts, so on seveal roads, instead of a cheap fix that would have normally sufficed, they had to dig up the remaining asphalt to the dirt and put double the asphalt down. This was not just a few blocks here and there! I would guess that the cost was well over $1 million, but probably much higher!
Ever noticed how many traffic lights there are in the city! There is no traffic flow! Now, there are more downtown where it is faster to walk than to drive.
The leadership of this city need to be rotated out! They refuse to listen to citizens that are being impacted, because their EXPERTS have told them different . . . what city are these EXPERTS from or live in . . .?

Don’t be surprised if you get accused of planting the snow or faking the snow or dividing the city with legitimate complaints.
There are only 3 people on Council that listen, the Mayor, or as I call him, Mr. Photo-op isn’t one of them!!! How much did it cost the city for his trip to Calgary and party at the Calgary Stampede??
How many snowfences would that have put up?