October 23rd, 2020

Transparency is key in spending taxpayers’ money

By Letter to the Editor on December 7, 2019.

Re: Letter Nov. 28 by Clint Dunford. I was interested to read into his insight of this matter of “well-spent” taxpayers’ money.

In my opinion, Alberta taxpayers are not interested in doing the math regardless how Mr. Dunford did his calculations – transparency is the operative word, during the campaign and now as a government in office.

As well, I doubt historically well-versed Alberta taxpayers want to be reminded of their days with the Ralph Klein government. Years of crash and burn, royalty losses, a flat tax rate that made the wealthy more so, and lastly and unforgivably, the decimation of our rainy day Heritage Fund.

“What’s past is prologue.” How true; we read of it every day in the daily news.

Josephine Aristone


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George McCrea

Yes you are correct Josephine. However, I would respectfully request a little transparency on the following, How much if any was poured into Castle and the Y to Y project. How did the NDP accumulate 70 billion plus in debt in four short years. Why did the NDP borrow 750 million South African Rand at an appalling interest rate of 8.05% just before the past election. Can we please have transparency on why we needed an additional 47000 public servants and union employees when the economy was stagnant. There is enough non transparency to go around.


George, did you miss FedUp’s comments on the squandering of the Heritage Trust Fund? Surely, that is no different than increasing debt?

I look forward to your contortionist apologetics when this government fails to meet its promises.

I would also hope that the ideologists in power will be able to recognize the good things done for Albertans over the past four years – like protecting the Castle and our headwaters.