October 31st, 2020

Alberta should stop funding private schools

By Letter to the Editor on December 11, 2019.

As a former Albertan who recently moved to Toronto, I watch Alberta politics with interest. When I lived in Alberta I always wondered why the government blatantly supported private schools and colleges with taxpayer dollars.

Over the last 50 years this support has gone from zero to well over $200 million. If these funds were redirected to support public education there would be no need for layoffs, tuition and fee increases or increases to class size. If parents feel they want to send their children to private institutions, let them pay the full price.

Jason Kenney’s parents paid his way through private schools. He began in Saskatchewan, then moved to an even more expensive school on Vancouver Island. Finally he ended up as a dropout, from an exclusive university in San Francisco. Given this background I’m sure he will have great difficulty supporting the obvious economic choice to make public education fair and affordable to all.

Ontario private schools receive zero public funds while Alberta taxpayers pay the highest fees in Canada.

Don Lyall


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diplomacy works

Alberta’s private schools are Religious schools and they serve the very useful purpose of indoctrinating the next generation of Conservative voters.

Hence the funding.

On a societal as well as financial basis, we can’t afford this separate schooling.


Yes, who would want to give parents any choice in where and how their children are educated. ?

It’s not about religion, it’s a matter of freedom of choice.


There are lots of school choices that parents can choose from, but if you do not like the schools that have proper oversight, proper training for teachers and avoids catering to some particular religious bias, you should not imagine you are entitled to use my money for it. Just like if you do not like Alberta Health Services, you can choose another system, say in Montana, but you can pay for it yourself. It is your choice. Why the public purse should pay to have your child taught about jesus monday – friday (not to mention in church) is beyond me. Freely choose and pay for it yourself.


There is an angle to this that people don’t often think about.
If the province were to stop funding private schools there is
no doubt alot of these schools would close. As a result, the public
school system would have to take on these students, and the costs
associated. Our public school system is strained as it is and
does not have the capacity for this. Look at it this way, if a
private school is funded at 50% by the province, that means
the school is funding the other 50%. Take away that funding,
and the students that cost the province 50% in private schools
now cost at 100%. In a way, private schools are subsidizing the
public system.


I do send my children to a private school, and we pay
alot for tuition. But at the same time, a large portion of
my property tax is for public school access in the town I live
in, even though I do not send my children there. I am paying
for the public system, and do not use it. I am not at all
complaining about it, public schools are a vital institution
for our province.
So look at it this way, I am taking 50% (or more) of the cost
of education away from the province, AND paying my share
to fund the public system.


Of course, private schools are much more affordable when you allow your Party to pay the fees for you …

“[Scheer’s] resignation comes as a direct result of new revelations that he was using Conservative Party money to pay for his children’s private schooling, according to Conservative sources who spoke with Global News.”



You are way off topic here . The letter is concerning funding for private schools in ALBERTA ! Please refrain from commenting on non related issues !!


Pffft. Fescue points out once again CONservative crooked tactics