October 20th, 2020

The math shows yes, it is staff cutting

By Letter to the Editor on December 11, 2019.

Dear Nathan Neudorf and other UCP supporters:

Your recent comment that you are not cutting nurses, just not replacing them, is no different than cutting staff. Since you and the UCP don’t understand math (nine per cent return on investment reduced to two per cent return is good, according to the UCP), I have a simplified explanation for you.

There is a school with 600 students and 20 teachers where each teacher has a full classroom of 30 students (divide 600 by 30). Five teachers retire and are not replaced. We now have 15 teachers with 600 students. Each teacher now has 40 students (divide 600 by 15). According to the UCP, there were no cuts to education. The same principle applies to the cuts at Alberta Health Services – fewer nurses means cuts to services. Hopefully this makes some sense.

When the health-care system starts to fall apart it will be time to turn it over to the private sector because it is failing. I realize that some of the public has a negative view of teachers and nurses so I would recommend a new slogan for Jason Kenney that was a favourite of Donald Trump – “I love the uneducated.”

Reed Spencer


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Hang-in there Reed! “Balanced budgets” seldom come painless. Give them a chance to “right” a ship full of NDP incompetence.

John P Nightingale

Although I get your point re “cuts” and “replacements”, methinks your sums are a bit off.
“600” students divided by “30” = 20 (ie students.)
Perhaps by dividing by “20” you’ll arrive at the correct figure of 30.
Then again . perhaps a deliberate mistake? J57 certainly missed it.


Nicely played, John P Nightingale.


The sky is definitely falling JPN! I have not missed that!

George McCrea

Sort of like Nenshi in Calgary. Spending 90 million more this year, a 7.51 % increase in property tax, BUT WERE CUTTING.


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