October 31st, 2020

World not protecting transgender people

By Letter to the Editor on December 11, 2019.

The fact of the matter is that the majority of the world’s countries condemn transgender people to die every day, whether it’s by indifference, by inaction, by disapproval, by disagreement, by violence, by persecution and by hatred.

Donald Trump, Jason Kenney and the UCP wish to accelerate the extermination of transgender and gender-variant people in Alberta, in Canada, and in the world by giving doctors, workplaces, landlords, police and schools permission to deny us our lives, our health, our privacy, our safety and our security when, as cis (those who identify with their assigned birth gender) white men, they are not in any danger of starving, dying of homelessness, abused in any way, or dying of lack of medical care.

Debora Simon


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What a load of rubbish ! No one is trying to exterminate anyone. ! In our society , if anyone is not constantly catering to every minority group and their latest demands, it does not automatically follow that they are full of hate and wish to extermine anyone. What a ridiculous conclusion, no doubt as a result of virtue signaling and the whole political correctness movement. Get a life why don’t you.


Actually, if you would look at facts, not your feelings, you will find that your “cis” white men form the majority of Canada’s starved homeless abused and suicidal. So what do you really want? Apparently to demand special treatment for humans devoting their lives to pursue their sex drives and sexual orientation.


“Apparently to demand special treatment for humans devoting their lives to pursue their sex drives and sexual orientation.”
Resolute, you couldn’t have said it any better. I have family members who are LGBT. It’s like there is nothing else going on in the world except issues relating to being LGBT. It gets old. Just go live your life.


Unbelievable Deb or what ever your real name is! As a society don’t we have bigger fish to fry! So pathetic!
Oh and most of us “white men” work our asses off to put a roof over our heads-food in our bellies ect and the ones that don’t can be found in any homeless shelter. Go into most shelters and you will find a over abundance of those privileged white-men you are talking about.