October 21st, 2020

Homo sapiens can make a choice

By Letter to the Editor on December 12, 2019.

Homo sapiens – the thinking animal. Do many of us think of ourselves as animals? What about thinking? What do we think about? A job, money, the weather. I wonder what, or if, animals like the dinosaurs were thinking the day before their extinction. Was munching leaves or each other all there was to life?

True, dinosaurs didn’t have much choice about extinction. Do homo sapiens? Does a job, or capitalism, mean more than extinction? What is the difference between habitual thinking and addiction? Can we think as individuals, or are we lemming-like following the non-thinking crowd over the cliff? Have we progressed from hunter/gatherer thinking, to working for consumption? Is climate catastrophe suicide the only way out for modern society?

Most of our immigrant forefathers made a conscious choice to shift to America (often prodded by religious beliefs). Are we failing their vision for us, by submitting so easily to a choking serfdom on a capitalist agenda? There are other choices, but we must think for ourselves to make a homo sapiens’ choice. The political right military industrial complex doesn’t want us to think there is a choice. They give us two choices: their way or the highway. When we accept their options we stop thinking, accepting addiction or homelessness. Homo sapiens have advanced by putting our minds together and willingly agreeing to change.

Is democracy an open exchange – allowing the best of ideas to come out? Have we arrived at the stage where whoever has “the power” just puts in earplugs? Should a party only interested in power be allowed? If we do, why not cut government expenses by eliminating the followers and just elect leaders? Do we go back to the divine right of kings and popes? Didn’t Solomon listen to both sides before deciding?

Don Ryane


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Don, what were you thinking? We are now headed straigth down the path from capitalism to feudalisn. That is why our forefathers came to this country and now the whole world is goingto succumb to it. Point in fact, just look at how Trudop is treating us Candians, and acting as the noewly annointed, though criminal.