October 25th, 2020

Good driving skills in short supply these days

By Letter to the Editor on December 13, 2019.

What has happened to driving skills? I had a border collie that could probably drive better than the low-functioning morons behind the wheel today.

Never have I seen it so bad. Oh, and could someone invent an app to educate millennials on how to brush a foot of snow off the hood of your vehicle before you drive.

Kurt Veer


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Kurt you should try driving for a living here! If I got a dollar for every time I saw somebody not using their signal-light for a lane-change or turn I could ramp-up my retirement-fund in a significant way.
Not all millennials are morons when comes to driving! I have three of them and they are high functioning individuals when it comes to driving. In fact i would put my life in the hands of a millennial at the wheel before one of these seniors in this city that putt around in their tunnel-vision world totally oblivious to what’s happening around them.


What is that old saying – Everyone driving slower than you is a coward, everyone driving faster than you is an idiot ? I think we can all agree no age or generation has a monopoly on driving stupidity and many from each would probably fail if retested.
A key problem is the lack of consequences. All the complaints levied by Kurt and Johnny57 constitute provincial traffic offences but ” there is never a cop around when you need one” . While the focus on serious and violent crime is a valid one, it is this type of foolishness that the majority of citizens experience on a daily basis. Perhaps letting our new Peace Officers focus on these offences might sharpen people memories – the slow learners would certainly be in for a surprise when they get their insurance renewals this spring.

Fedup Conservative

Maybe johnny should have been listening to our police officers who were telling Klein not to privatize the issuing of drivers licenses because people who shouldn’t have them would get them. Klein wouldn’t listen. Friends and relatives lost their jobs and the police were right that’s exactly what happened. Numerous cases of fraud began to show up. The NDP realizing something had to be done took control of the issuing of licenses and now Kenney has once again handed back to the private sector and Johnny can just keep on whining while his life maybe put in danger from this stupidity. I lost a sister thanks to a careless driver and know what it’s like. As doctors point out it has put a huge burden on our health care system, and surveys have proven that we have the highest percentage per capita in Canada of injury accidents.

If that wasn’t bad enough the police officers also warned about privatizing the liquor stores and flooding the province with private liquor stores and once again they were right. Alberta has the highest percentage per capita in Canada and likely North America , we are told with drunks on our roads and once again johnny should be the one who is concerned.

Maybe johnny and all these other Klein and Kenney supporters should google the following and read them:

“Calgary Driving School Charged With Fraud” Police officers pointed out that the semi-driver who killed the 16 members of the hockey team shouldn’t have had a drivers license. Was he one of the ones who bought one in Calgary?

“Alberta Government Taking Back Driver License’s Road Testing From Private Industry”. Done because NDP Brian Mason a former Edmonton Bus driver shared johnny’s views.of too many incompetent drivers on our roads.


Holy-crap FC you said (as usual) a mouth-full! Does it not come down to “common sense” as a individual when we get behind the wheel? Before I start my day I do a walk-around my vehicle to make sure all tires are up, signals are properly working and in times of heavy snow that all indicator lights are not covered. This has nothing to do whether governments have privatized this or that! It comes down to common road sense that is grossly lacking.


that is what is missing, common sense, plus a feeling of entitlement, and more common is drivers are distracted and are not doing the job of driving, They are thing about what is for lunch, dinner etc. Also they see no police so I can get away with it. In fact as a senior I had to pass a drivers test. My first question to the examiner was “If I drive like the majority of people in Lerhbridge,, will I get my license?”
He smiled and said “No comment”


In this city, you do not know what type of driver you have behind the wheel drunk, doped, vaped doped or visually impaired. From October on the visually impaired are on the roads are hugely noticeable they require 4 to six bright lights to see where they are going. The regulation on auxiliary lights did state properly mounted, luminaires two clear or yellow properly mounted used. in adverse conditions only and no illegal led light bars Not nice to be light blinded by some idiot behind the wheel and his pet 8 off road lights on you. These vehicles have aux light switches shut them off, also many one lighters. Of course, our police traffic division has a blind eye to a safety issue.