October 24th, 2020

How about a discussion on school busing?

By Letter to the Editor on December 18, 2019.

One of the many great reasons of raising a family in Lethbridge is our school community and the educational opportunities we have. Getting those children to those places of learning has, for over 50 years, been accomplished by a seamless, unique partnership between our two local school boards and the City of Lethbridge.

We understand that the funding for this comes from the province and, because of outstanding stewardship by the partners, have been able to accomplish this on a cost-neutral basis. We believe this arrangement has provided a level of safety and service that has put parents’ minds at ease throughout the school year. It is not until change is considered do we start to fully appreciate the impact this relationship has on the day-to-day raising of our kids.

This change has come swiftly and city council has made the decision with little debate and zero community engagement. Because of the unique advantages of living in a collaborative community such as Lethbridge, we would hope to be able have a discussion from a values-based perspective. All we have is a heavily redacted operational review, and little rationale from city council.

Lisa Althouse, Chair, G.S. Lake Middle School Parent Council

Kristina Hurkens, Chair, Westminster Elementary School Parent Council

Megan Krysa, Chair, Senator Buchanan Elementary School Parent Council

Edwina Giesbrecht, Chair, Chinook High School Parent Council

Stephanie Bekkering, Chair, Immanuel Christian School Parent Council

Alison Pike, Vice-Chair, Division School Council

Rachelle Ririe, Chair, Lakeview Elementary School Parent Council

Shane Mann, Chair, Wilson Middle School Parent Council

Brooke Culley, Chair, Division School Council

Edna Asem, Chair, Lethbridge Christian School Parent Council

Nancy Mitchell, Chair, Winston Churchill High School Parent Council

Nadine Bosma, Chair, General Stewart School Parent Council

Sarah Baker, Secretary, Mike Mountain Horse School Council

Courtney Edmonds, Chair, Dr. Probe Parent Council

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We understand funding comes from Province what a misstatement, correction funding comes from payers of school tax who are the main principles in this issue. Then the question of liability is the main concern of school taxpayers who will be on the hook for any huge liability issue. The School Boards supposedly pay an insurance fee of $ 258,300.00, what is maximum passenger coverage or is it just vehicle coverage
What have School Boards paid out now on accident, injury liability? Remember over 70,000 school tax properties pay the bills they require collaboration on this issue.

George McCrea

They didn’t talk to anyone. Where is our esteemed
West side MLA protecting union jobs. Absent, no mileage to rant about Kenney
I guess. You’re hung up on Liability. Everyone knows where the money comes from. There is
Liability everywhere including every time you get behind the
Wheel. We are going to have to a agree to disagree.


George : when you are getting into your bus before you sit in your drivers seat take a look at the row empty seats ask yourself what is my liability then when your bus is loaded with students take another long look at their faces and again ask yourself what is my liability. Are you liable for them for a safe trip without incident if you took a bus driver training course the answer would be yes.

George McCrea

Just as you would be liable for running into one. YOu have answered none of my earlier questions regarding liability. Whose responsible or liable when someone does and end over end on the bike paths on 7th Ave. You. Who is liable when the bridge doesn’t get salted fast enough for someone’s liking and a major MVA occurs, you. Like I said liability is everywhere and you have a bone to pick. I’m out Ken.


The reasoning behind this decision baffles me. Does it cost the city money? No, the school boards covers all costs. Liability? Again, the boards cover insurance premiums. Transit also recruits city bus drivers from school bus drivers. Talk about on the job training. The only people who are going to benefit from this are private operators. The losers, families in Lethbridge about to see an added expense. If we used this logic in past city decisions how many would’ve changed? Curbside recycling, art galleries, the Watch just to name a few.