October 30th, 2020

Alberta Tories have changed since Lougheed’s time

By Letter to the Editor on December 20, 2019.

It’s no secret, I’m no Conservative! Never have been and never will be. However, I did have respect for the Lougheed Tories who had a national vision for Alberta’s place in Confederation, cared for their neighbours by strengthening public institutions, and picked themselves up by their bootstraps to get to work.

If Lougheed had lived to see this crop of crony “Conservatives,” he wouldn’t recognize his team. Instead of showing leadership, Jason Kenney thinks separation is a great idea, firing public servants who don’t agree with him is OK, and threatening the feds is a viable business plan. How far the Tories have fallen!

Alberta is weathering a changing perspective on social responsibility as well as environmental stewardship. But, do you know who tried to help us through the storm? Prime Minister Justin Trudeau! Yes, that guy, whether you like him or not! To help, his government spent $4.6 billion on a pipeline, gave Alberta another $1.6 billion in strategic innovation funding, and tried to clarify the rules around how pipelines are built. Was there an expectation of Albertans to use the War Measures Act to build the pipeline? Nonsense! Another Trudeau calling in the army was the last thing the country needed. Did he succeed? No, but he had the right idea.

I’ll admit, Bill C-69 is flawed legislation that needs to be fixed. However, instead of mockingly calling it the “No More Pipeline” Act, Jason Kenney has opportunity to get to work to make sure the feds get the bill right this time. Instead, he fans the flames of resentment, gives $4.6 billion to job creators (at least the feds have a pipeline for our money), makes $30-million “war rooms” to spin propaganda, all with taxpayers’ money, cripples the public service, increases tuition fees for students and throws 46,000 seniors under 65 off drug benefits, including my wife who is 62. Yet Conservatives are still seen as the defenders of Alberta’s interests? Are you kidding me?

Kenney needs to find some courage and do what is right instead of what is easy. There are other ways to bring Alberta back on track. The world is a different place and we need innovative thinking and bold new investment to diversify Alberta. I challenge Jason Kenney to live up to the Lougheed standard and show the real leadership that Albertans deserve. Do the right thing, Mr. Premier. Call me if you need ideas.

Larry Conley


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Fedup Conservative

Great comments Larry. The fact is they aren’t conservatives anymore they are Reformers, as was pointed out to me by former MLAs from the Lougheed government years ago . They are only interested in looking after their own well being and that of their rich friends and to hell with everyone else and Jason Kenney is certainly proving it. Retired oilmen have been saying for months that Trudeau did far more for the Alberta oil industry than Harper ever did. The fact is Harper allowed the Klein and Stelmach governments to slash royalties and taxes and invite the world to come and get our next to free oil and weren’t smart enough to make certain there was a system in place to get the massive surpluses it would create to foreign markets, so here we are in a horrible mess. They should have listened to conservative Lougheed.

John Clark

The Conservatives were started in southern Alberta in 1909 a year that Kenny recently stated was the when some Conservative Convention in legislation started. They were started by the US Republican Party of the day. Lougheed broke away from the Republicans and brought in the NEP with PET. It was to increase Candian ownership in the industry. It did actually moving Canadian ownership from 15 to 25%. Here’s the full history. It’s not pretty.
The Liberals built Canada with little interruption to their base until 1919 to 1937 in which case the American Republicans working through the Mormon Church, helped them establish “The United Farmers of Alberta”  This party morphed itself into the Veterans and Active force, 1944 to 1948, again the US Republicans were fully involved.

This morphed into the Conservatives which found a hard landing after Diefenbaker and the Avro-Arrow. (You now know the reason Diefenbaker scrapped the Arrow in Canada allowing the US to take up the design and ordered the only prototype of the Aero destroyed.) and, Harper sold off the Canadian Wheat Board to US interest in leaving office.  Related:

They again morphed into the Progressive Conservatives. This party was started by Peter Lougheed and company.  Peter broke away from the Republicans, in fact, took on US oil interests in Alberta in the much-maligned NATIONAL ENERGY PROGRAM.  Peter became the most popular Premier not only of Alberta but, all of Canada. A time of no internet, those with the money ruled the press.  A world recession stepped in and interest rates went to 25%.  Families invested in oil lost homes and there were a number of suicides  With no internet, those with the money ruled the press!  This was all blamed onto The NEP which was destroyed!
When Klein took over he doubled down with the US Republicans.  All this happening while the Wild Rose Party kept the original foundation going with the Church.  Now we had two political parties which could appear as opposition, one extreme and one tame by comparison.  Doing what they do best, played both ends against the middle.

Notably, Klein started the bleed on the Heritage Savings and Trust by freezing the fund at 5% profit taking all above into General Revenue to support his 10% flat tax.  The loss to Albertans 760 billion dollars most of which went directly back to US parent companies.  Norway over the same period banked over 1 trillion dollars.  

Klein also ushered in the Energy East plan.  At one point he was going to continue with Lougheed’s plan of building a Refinery in Edmonton,  Then, Shell oil suggested it would be better for everyone if they built pipelines to the Gulf Coast to their refineries.   West pipelines were never considered as Shell’s gulf refineries already had the market captured.

In a final analysis, I see the US is in a position to take over our country!  By putting in a Conservative Government again will facilitate the end of our Dairy Marketing board and any other institutions that may hinder this process.

For the record: Kenny and Harper were thrown out of every trade meeting they attended throwing the advantage to the US.  No one could be this unlucky!



Did you live the years of Lougheed premiership? Your recollection of that turbulent period has only one note. Lougheed did good, bad and whatever for Alberta. The period from 1971, when he led the PC’s to end 36 years of considered conservative Social Credit leadership, until late 1980 was a period of explosive growth in Alberta. He was fortunate to ride that tidal wave of prosperity and its joyful improvement to our physical quality of life. Look up the facts. Huge gains in agricultural tools and methods, natural gas became valuable, oil and gas prices soared, employment and salaries did likewise. As did inflation. Vacancy rates were negative! Then the inevitable human jealousy and greed came in from central Canada as Pierre and his minions asserted Ontario and Quebec’s pre-eminence in confederation and demanded their “fair share”. Sound familiar? Anyways there was turmoil, confrontation, non-optimal solutions, Pierre’s attempt at immortality aka 1982 Canada Act & our anarchic Charter. But many good times too. Lougheed did support asserting common sense in our federally hijacked political and “justice” system with some success. He retired in 1985 or 86 as I recall so 14+ years as premier. Kenney has been premier since April and you are of the shrill mob concluding after 8 months he is bad. He and his team are just finding their feet man! I expect good things from them. By our election of the UCP we have started recovery by terminating that witch’s 2-faced dive into unrecoverable debt & regressive socialism. That is huge. Now Kenney’s team need to take that ball and run with it. Cut bureaucracy. Cut red tape. Stand up for Albertans and Alberta’s economy with the feds, ecoterrorists and chauvinist provinces. Then get serious.
I cannot not reply to John’s posting above! That is some crazy talk dude! What are you smoking? Total nonsense. I would love to see you try to back any of it up! Dude!

Tris Pargeter

“That witch’s two-faced dive into unrecoverable debt and regressive socialism.” WITCH? Wow. Nice. You give yourself away again, RESOLUTE.
If that debt is so bloody “unrecoverable,” then why, on the fiscal update after NDP left office, was the debt two BILLION less, apparently a surprise to everyone? Look at the numbers – Alberta’s debt per capita remains the lowest of any province. It is entirely manageable. And our deficits – still rising after Kenney gave away $4 billion in tax cuts to corporation, in exchange for zero jobs – could be wiped out easily if we decided to tax ourselves at the levels other provinces do. But we’re more special apparently, and don’t NEED stable revenue like every other society?? Really?? And this bunch of religious, reform conservatives also seems to be unusually attracted to out and out punishment, all in the guise of “fiscal responsibility.” Have you never wondered where Kenney’s AVIDITY comes from?? He’s never even worked at anything other than gaining power, and has pursued that with MISSIONARY zeal, Catholic zeal in particular. THAT’s his actual background, and his passion, NOT the economy. AND he’s using this place as the stepping stone to the highest office. He who would be king. Jason and the Golden Fleece…
These guys romped into office claiming they had all the solutions – they shouldn’t need 8 months to figure out where their feet are. Kenney’s main strategy is to yell at Ottawa and hold his breath until he turns as blue as his shiny pick-up truck. And to cancel, “on principle,” EVERY single thing done by the upstart women who somehow ended up running the government before he and his team of blusterers swanned in to restore the natural order of things.


Resolute said “By our election of the UCP we have started recovery by terminating that witch’s 2-faced dive into unrecoverable debt & regressive socialism.”

No wonder disgusting, rude CONs will never get anyone to adhere to their points

diplomacy works

Cons will cut “red tape” until we can no longer drink our water or breathe our air.

All in the name of helping industry.