October 23rd, 2020

City’s garbage collection should remain in back alleys

By Letter to the Editor on December 23, 2019.

The Waste and Recycling Team recently forced 600-plus Uplands/north areas into curbside garbage and recycle pickup, and I think it “stinks.” 311 says this change is not seasonal, it is a permanent “operational” decision, and that 95 per cent of our city will be converted to curbside garbage pickup in the next year or two.

Their “safety” reasons given include weather conditions, parking issues and other objects in alleys make lanes dangerous or impassable, that heavy garbage trucks can damage alleys and front collection gets tubs moved back onto their own property. Weather affects the streets and the alleys; neither get plowed so what’s the difference?

Tubs do not withstand our strong winds so there will be more incidents of garbage spewing out/blowing down our front streets. Parking or other objects in alleys is against bylaws so get violators towed or ticketed. If heavy trucks cause damage to the alleys then fix them. Curb collection may get more tubs moved back, but if any are left out (front or back) against bylaws, have violators ticketed.

Their “efficiency” reasons given include faster collection, less backing up/turning around, less navigation in tight areas and ensures all the garbage in a week gets collected. Is there a problem with getting all garbage collected? If so, buy more trucks. The trucks seem to be able to make “good time” in the alleys and will still have to navigate tight areas, back up or turn around. Some streets have no room to add a tub, with a 1.5-metre space around it.

A paved alley was an asset when purchasing our Uplands home. Curb collection makes neighbourhoods look “trashy.” I will not be continuing recycle efforts and will now only wrestle our black tub to/from our back yard every two weeks. Back alleys are where garbage collection is intended to be and where it should remain, period.

Rhonda Worrall


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It sounds like the reasons for curbside pikeup were compiled after the decision was made to commence curbside recycling. Maybe the real reason is to increase the profitsof the land developers since alleys will not be required, thus allowing more lots to be sold. There is previous occurences that bylaws have be changed to expidite this. Just look at theroadwaysin the newly developed area where two vehicles cannot meet on the streets unless there are no vehicles parked. Narrower streets also allowed for more lots to be sold to increase the profit. Just something to think about.
With politics I have found that they always state the best researched reasons for the choice,but never, ever state the real reason.

George McCrea

Yes phlushie, best practices, what others are doing or we’re one of the last marching out step is the common refrain.

Citi Zen

Once again, a new rule made by some administrator sitting behind a desk in City Hall. That person obviously lives in an apartment building where they don’t deal with bins. This is the real world… garbage bins often can’t find a place to park on the front streets of our neighborhoods, as that’s where many of us park our vehicles. Some of us have even gone to great lengths and expense to build a holding space for our bins in the alleys, so that they are secure and won’t blow away. My home has steps to negotiate going down to the street.
The system wasn’t broken, why on earth would they mess with it? My guess someone in City Hall is trying to justify their jobs.


Yes Rhonda we were hit with the same notice to move our carts from backlane to front in Ridge wood.We went thru this when black cart change came in had a conversation with then Waste Manager and he agreed carts will remain in back lane. The new manager her response read the bylaw , the bylaw states front street ar lane.We went thru General Manager to Director to City Manager, a waste of time going to Councillors they stated you won’t win of course they voted on the bylaw that gives at that time total control to Director of Infrastructure the (Engineer) councilors only vote on rates and approve bylaw as a whole. The Mayor asked the question in Council why move waste carts to front street Director Hawkins arbitrary response he is boss, was based on quoted letter issued to Residentials safety the main concern, which is stupid, truck maneuvering we have a 24ft wide lane paved which we own with corners angled for driver easy access if the driver could not make corner he should not be driving. Of course for a couple of days, we had some person park a large motorhome at the lane intersection truck was blocked after that we received THE letter. Since our change we have gone to the camera taking pictures of a garbage truck on the front street blocking traffic vehicles cannot pass it taking up two lanes, safety issue accident waiting to happen, as a comparison on safety with backplane no traffiic, less exposure to wind. traffic congestion Our intent was a presentation to Council but waiting for a response from Municipal affairs on Council governance. We must all get together on this.


Rhonda: It costs $9.50 for each garbage cart pickup so if you note on your utility bill the waste people
charge you $13.50 for large Black cart also an increase of $7.00 to your bill total $ 20.50 for waste collection. The “Engineer ” Hawkins calls The $7.00 a “enhancement fee” to pay for the Recycle Project.if you note on your utility bill there is no specific charge for Residential Curbside Recycle collection which could be $9.00 t0 $10.00 dollars. They have established the Green cart will cost $8.50.The residential curbside recycling project cost including the new Materials Resorting Faclity(MRF) is $16m plus interest over $20 million includes $600,000 for blue carts all charged to property tax you won’t see a breakdown on your property tax bill. The issue recycling is not waste it has an expected value on resale the question waste management does not declare the revenue amount on sales what they state in tonnage and North America prices they are operating at a loss so how will they pay loan interest and operating costs. guess of course the taxpayer, we also must pay for management $45 to $75 dollar hour salaries.