October 31st, 2020

Cuts to child care as bad as cuts to education, health care

By Letter to the Editor on December 27, 2019.

In the midst of devastating cuts to health care and education, another cut has been announced which threatens to hurt in less obvious, but impactful ways.

A Dec. 11 announcement from the Alberta government told child-care providers that they would be losing two of the benefits they count on to attract and keep qualified staff. The Benefit Contribution Grant and the Staff Attraction Incentive programs were cut, leaving this burden on the backs of daycares and after-school care programs, parents, and ultimately kids.

Child-care educators deserve a fair wage and all children deserve to be cared for by well-trained, safe and caring adults. Both are under attack by these cuts.

We have excellent and highly qualified children’s educators in our city: our education and Child and Youth Studies programs in particular train excellent caregivers. These educators care so deeply for our children – they’re ready with a Band-Aid, a hug, a high five or a listening ear to help kids regulate big feelings, they hold space for play so little brains can build skills, they teach compassion and kindness, they prepare kids to be successful at school and ultimately, at life.

Early-learning opportunities are essential for our broader community – well-cared-for kids means fewer social and economic problems down the road. Educators are an essential part of the team for so many families who need all parents to work to make ends meet, and are an essential part of our community’s long-term success.

When there are cuts to wages of people who work for the public good, two things happen: Workers’ rights are undermined, and the people they serve suffer. In this case – we’ll lose the ability to hire and keep good staff, which means that we risk agencies having to reduce or compromise their care. Landing the consequences of these cuts on those who are most in need of our support: our children.

Kristina Larkin


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Indeed, Ms. Larkin!

The UCP government has set corporations and private profit over the welfare of people in this province.

An investment in children is an investment in the future.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern sums it up succinctly:

“Economic growth accompanied by worsening social outcomes is not success,” Ardern said. “It is failure.”


Tris Pargeter

Turns out the notion of “success” is entirely subjective, isn’t it?
Where 60% of us consider progress to be a quality of life issue, so see government (which is ultimately US, after all), as important foundational partners in reflecting a modern, dynamic society, but also one that is fair-minded and humane. We want more and more people to flourish, in other words.
But that conservative base, that staunch 40% that gives new meaning to the word “base,” remain interested only in money NOT BEING SPENT, period, and all in the name of some supposed “balance.” Which is again, obviously a subjective notion. The exception is business, and then the sky’s the limit. 30 million for a war room! How do all these abstemious, cheap runs deep conservatives justify that??!!
So the United Christian Party couldn’t care less about people is the bottom line, choosing instead to abase themselves by becoming solid sycophants for the oil and gas industry. It’s embarrassing one would think, the constant toadying, particularly since they have been treated accordingly, many operators literally taking the money and running. Look at the massive number of orphan wells.
The irony is of course that statistically, the sacred “economy” consistently fares better under liberal government.
Conservatives are a religious tribe more than a valid political option is the truth. Capitalizing on the fact that many people are ALSO basically tribal, seeing all this as a game where they want their team to WIN.
It’s beyond absurd.


The majority of us voting Albertans voted this government in knowing full well the blade was going to be swung around in all directions in order to get us back into balance. Your whining about this Kristina is nothing but a extension of the sour-grape mentality that seems to prevail in this province.

Southern Albertan

Successful countries/jurisidctions, know, that a good, affordable, universal child care system intergrated with the education system, contributes to successful economies, and, as a reminder, that money, does talk.
To become more knowledgeable about the reasons why, here is one, of many, explanations that can be found, for example, online:
‘Just Kids: How a lack of affordable, accessible child care hurts the economy”
It should be well known, by now, that cuts to social programs with the outdated, and known unsuccessful excuse of ‘balance’ does not make for a good economy. Perhaps, where the critical thrust should be, is the already $4.7 billion Kenney UCP tax cut to the big corporate friends who have not trickled it down, but already, bought back shares, socking it away and sitting on it, and automating….and, not hiring anybody.
That this pork barrel corporate tax cut fallacy was not known by Alberta Kenney UCP voters before the election is, astounding.
The Alberta economy is already sputtering under Kenney UCP populist authoritarian rule. The question is: When it is finally realized by the supporters, what will the response be? Crickets? It does take time though, for the cognitive changes needed to rejig folk’s political belief systems….but of course, is sped up when pocketbooks take the hit.

George McCrea

When benefits by previous governments become
unsustainable then we belly ache about them
being entitlements.


Indeed, George! the 4.7 billion dollar ‘benefit’ to wealthy corporations in this province was, is and shall ever be unsustainable.

George McCrea

Indeed. Especially those wealthy green corporations
like Siemens, and all those wealthy foreign solar
companies and every store front selling the green
dream. I agree, a pathetic use of funds

Tris Pargeter

The “green dream.” Like human life you mean.
So I guess you’re living outside of that fragile bubble of habitation on this planet. I guess you subscribe to the nightmare of environmental collapse instead? Ask people in Australia about that. I read an article yesterday written by a vet there who said cattle have stopped breeding because of the heat. She also said it’s like living in “hell.”
To compare the subsidies for ANY other industry to what has been poured into the oil industry here is simply ridiculous, and you know it.

Dennis Bremner

Tris how do you rationalize the concept of environmental collapse as stated by the youth of World and the fact the same youth in Alberta overwhelmingly elected conservatives and tossed the NDP?
Remember Seniors are only 13% of the population and the modal age is 35 in Alberta. So assuming 64% turnout is applied to everyone and 30% voted for other parties, that means that the X/Y elected the oil loving Religious UCP while claiming otherwise?


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