October 24th, 2020

Shouldn’t City consider the majority groups?

By Letter to the Editor on December 30, 2019.

At a recent meeting I was made aware of proposed changes that will be made on 13 Street North. It is intended to make certain changes on this roadway, converting four lanes of traffic to two lanes – one going north and one going south.

Keep in mind that at this time 13 Street North from the underpass to 9 Avenue North is presently four lanes – two going north and two going south. The outside lanes closest to the sideway would be converted to a lane for bicycle use.

Certain individuals within the City administration feel that a bicycle lane is more important than parking to access businesses on both sides of that street. I find it hard to believe that City planners would use that type of logistics. They would rather accommodate a minority group than business owners. There, I said it – a minority group. Is it not time that majority groups within the city of Lethbridge be recognized and considered?

I look at the usage of 7 Avenue South, Scenic Drive North and 13 Street North of 9 Avenue and see the limited use of these trails. One has to ask what revenue is generated by these trails toward city coffers.

The City of Lethbridge needs a major overhaul of city council, then start working on City department heads and then their assistants. Perhaps the department head positions should be an elected position. The municipal election cannot get here fast enough. I know who I am voting for and against.

Nick Alvau


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Citi Zen

Nick, you certainly hit the nail on the head with your letter. There are too many decisions being made by certain administrative staff in City Hall, with absolutely no regard to the impact on citizens. Same with the absurd declaration that garbage bins will soon be required to be placed on the streets in front of our homes rather than the alley.
Its clearly time for a whole new mayor and council, and that new group need to go on a witch hunt in City Hall.


A typical letter from someone who’s only idea of democracy is ‘voting somwun’ out’.

Try being a real citizen and get involved in the processes that actively seek input – like the Cycling Master Plan developed in 2016. Parking is scanty along that stretch of 13 Street, so if you had an idea of how it could have been better, 2016 is when you should have been involved.

As for the protected bike lane up 13th Street – fantastic idea!


I agree, we need big changes in City Hall! This is city is on track to becoming a city of traffic jams! It is bad enough that there are so many out of sync traffic lights, but now they want to further constrict traffic. Who is planning these stupic ideas, someone from China or New Delhi? It seems like it!

They allowed the Westside to explode so now we have traffic jamming up downtown during rush hour! We are a city of 100,000, not 1 million! Half of the traffic lights should be blinking after 7pm downtown!

And as if the downtown core has not had enough negative issues affecting their businesses with the brainy change in parking meters, addiction issues, they added 2 more traffic lights downtown to further impede traffic flow!

You want a bike path, put in on a side street . . . DAHHHH !

The Mayor and most of his sheep need to go first, then we work on the planners! They do not listen to the citizens! Kind of like Trump and his band of thieves, but we can’t impeach Spearman!


Nick: we agree 13 street north should remain 4lane no bike traffic they are a total hazard on any roadway. The bikers have no license to travel they are the second-worst hazard in this City take the rite of the way in crosswalks when I see a biker riding in a crosswalk put up his hand for all vehicles to stop and they do. I asked a police officer if they see a cyclist riding in a crosswalk what do they do his reply they would be ticketed. I would like to see how many total tickets are issued for cyclists riding crosswalks, lights etc. This City council over the period of 2011 to 2020 will grab over $6m to build bike pathways from the gas tax. When did you see a bicycle pull up to a gas pump. They have no insurance coverage when they hit and damage your vehicle. The cyclist group lobbied hard to remove bicycle license requirement from the City bylaw, Council agreed. Not a nice experience to see a cyclist go flying when he hits the front end of a moving vehicle in a crosswalk,but the cyclists challenge.


Agreed Nick.
Obvious that those who plan in this city have their heads in the sand most of the time. Traffic flow does not seem to be an understandable concept. Thirteenth street is a major north south artery and they want to constrict the narrowest part just to accommodate a very small interest group. This council and administration does not seem to be able to grasp the concept that they are there for the good of the whole city. They pander to small interest groups all the time. Why? because most of the leadership group does not want to have to make hard decisions, just give the groups what they want. The squeakiest wheel gets the grease as they say..

George McCrea

It keeps them elected. They appease by interest