October 28th, 2020

UCP hasn’t learned you can’t turn back time

By Letter to the Editor on January 2, 2020.

One of the most shopworn plot lines in science fiction is the one where the jut-jawed, blue-eyed hero travels back in time to change that “one crucial moment where everything went wrong.”

Of course it never works out the way it’s supposed to and the story ends with storm troopers in the White House or sentient dinosaurs doing whatever it is sentient dinosaurs would do.

The moral being: “Time moves on and you can’t go back and change the past to suit.”

Which is a lesson Jason Kenney and the UCP have totally missed.

Since they took power, last spring, the resurgent Conservative/Wild Rose Alliance have been beavering away to expunge all trace of four years of NDP government in this province.

Problem is, time’s a one-way street and no matter how hard you try things never go back the way they were.

Besides, the way things were was a government so sclerotic and entitled after 40 years in power that they were hustled off to the knackers yard before the warring factions on the right could follow the playbook and glue an electable coalition together one more time.

So, you’d have to question the wisdom of a trip back to the political future when your underlying mantra is “out with the new and in with the old…”

Yes, the UCP won about a hundred thousand-seat majority but the NDP held their vote from 2015; in fact, they slightly increased it. That majority was mostly new voters expecting Jason Kenney to turn back time to a world of peak oil and full employment for all. It hasn’t happened so far and most observers don’t see it happening in the foreseeable future. Which leaves Jason and the Time Travellers with a bit of a dilemma. If what you did didn’t work back then, why would you think it’ll work in the here and now?

Ken Sears


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Tris Pargeter

Looks like this comment section is going to disappear. They’re creating more barriers all the time….why is that? Most of us are grown-ups here aren’t we?!
Excellent letter Ken. Entertaining, and true.
At some point UCP supporters will have to acknowledge that they’ve been had. Insisting today that they’re going to “fight” the carbon tax, even though many will get MORE in rebates than they spent, AND despite the fact that it was a policy conceived BY conservatives originally, relying as it does on market forces, THEIR mantra, not to even MENTION that the earth is on fire…..the truth will out.


Ken Sears: Brilliant letter!

Jason Kenney and the Time Travellers – a splendid name for this government (and an orchestra – in keeping with the Mart Kenney and His Western Gentlemen heritage and all).

Tris Pargeter

Haha! That’s right, his grandfather…

Dennis Bremner

Author is right, you cannot turn back a $57billion debt that was created by the NDP in a very short 3 years and given a second mandate I am sure it would have been another $57billion+

The Unionists that post here love NDP Politics it ensures more power, more people and more support for the NDP. So if anything gets in the way of that, well it might as well be a Communist Party in Charge because all other Parties are the same. You either support the Union Machine or you are a Commie Ba$tard that deserves smiting.

So you get supporters like Tris who use the term “the Planet on Fire” as an entrance to good government, which spends us into oblivion? Which is a Great entrance for more X/Y to tie “save the planet vote” with the NDP…yet for some strange reason, the X/Y voted the UCP into power?
We, the “ignorant seniors of Alberta” have already proven to the “Fedup Conservatives” that less than 6% of the vote can be attributed to all the “ignorant seniors of Alberta”. Of Course it suits the Narrative of the NDP supporters to suggest all 6% voted UCP. The real spin is the 6% “voted in” the UCP and are to blame. Trouble is, that math doesn’t work. Now I realize much like the “Planet is on Fire” there is need to exaggerate positions to achieve an end but even Tris cannot explain why her “Knowledgeable Treehugger XY Community” would vote UCP? What a calamity so best to avoid the situation and clutter the air waves with more Religious/Planet on Fire garbage, after all a deflection is as good as a real answer, right?

Fedup Conservative

Can Dennis make himself look any dumber than he already has? He whines about the Carbon Tax but ignores the massive fees added to his power and gas bills by Klein’s deregulation. He whines about the money the NDP spent on trying to fix the mess that the Klein, Stelmach, and Redford governments put us in while he ignores the $260 billion orphan well mess Klein created and ignores what the Parkland Institute has been telling us for years. Bring the taxes and royalties back up to the Lougheed levels and you can pay for any money this province needs to spend, but Dennis isn’t smart enough to think for himself so he believes the lies these Liberals, turned Reformers, never were true conservatives feed him. Doesn’t bother to do any research or talk to any lawyers, accountants, oilmen, doctors, nurses , teachers, bankers, or former MLAs who certainly know why we are in the mess we are in and why Dennis is paying out far more than he should be to live here, while Alaska and Norway increase their oil wealth.
Why do I target seniors, it’s because it’s been seniors who go around mouthing off like Dennis without providing any hard cold facts to back their stupid comments. For years we were told that it was mainly seniors who were voting in this province, they were keeping Klein in office, the young people weren’t bothering to vote. It was our fellow senior friends who worked at the polling stations who confirmed that it was true, they were only seeing mostly seniors voting. Six of us seniors formed SUN Seniors United Now in 2003 to travel the province to talk to seniors, with the blessing of some of the former MLAs from the Lougheed era, who agreed with what we were doing. We were trying to put a stop to what Klein was doing to us and the mess it would create down the road, Yet just like Dennis does these seniors called us all sorts of name. Klein was their hero and could do no wrong, they weren’t smart enough to understand what he was doing to us, now look at the mess we are in. How does Dennis suggest we pay for the orphan well mess he helped create , why is he ignoring the huge amounts of money the Kenney government is blowing on looking after themselves and the increase in tax breaks for their rich friends? While Kenney promises to make Albertans pay for this stupidity, with the loss of jobs?

If Dennis had an ounce of intelligence he would understand what Notlety was planning on doing. She was gradually increasing taxes on the rich and was going to start increasing royalties in 2021 to pay for the debt she was creating fixing the mess she inherited and this Study By the Parkland Institute, a division of the U. of A. proves that it could be done. I suggest Dennis and all these other ignorant seniors read it.

“Alberta Said to Lose Billions In Overly Generous Royalty Cuts” Add in another $15 billion in tax cuts to the $55 billion over three years that Albertans are losing and the NDP debt if increased to $70 billion could be paid off in only three years. Yet Dennis would rather be a moron and believe the lies Kenney feeds him that it unsustainable. What’s unsustainable is the growing Orphan Well Mess the Klein government created . It was $235 billion when Notley was elected and has grown to $260 billion and it’s the so-called conservatives that created it..The NDP had nothing to do with it.


Well stated, FedUp.

I just read a great chapter in Linda McQuaig’s new book on Alberta’s failure to capitalize on oil and gas for the public benefit. Klein betrayed Albertans, pure and simple. Now we have Kenney. History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.

Dennis Bremner

Still living in the past eh Fedup?
A) I am not against the Carbon Tax, I am against the feeble impact it will have and the totally distorted impact it will have on the planet. Its a cop out and diversion to doing actual productive work, period!
B) I came to Alberta at the end of 2011, I neither care for your interpretation of history in Alberta before that time, or your interpretation of politics since that time. Its your baggage, carry it!
C) Notley’s plan was to grow Government Unions and Unions to ensure her re-election thats what NDP do. They spend endless piles of money to provide what they call “services” but in fact they are using tax payer money to create the NDP empire they need to get elected again.
D) There are about 500,000 Seniors in Alberta, in a population of 4.8million. Seniors are 13% of the population. Assuming you apply 64% turnout to seniors then 320,000 voted. Of those if you again apply the spread on NDP/UCP then 160,000 voted UCP and NDP. Now, if you would like to say ALL Seniors voted UCP then out of 4.8million population with the modal age of 35 in Alberta, there are 2,977,689 elligible voters in AB then 64% of 3million is 1,905,520 cast votes of which, 1,605,000 votes belong to XY who are an average age of 35 and THEY decided to toss the BUMS. Question: All the Seniors that worked for the re-elect NDP or are in a Coma, are hospitalized, are deemed incompetent, are sick etc…they are Ignorant too? Perhaps they worked for the NDP but followed your thoughtless process and turned on them at the last moment and voted UCP?
When you took your tour you should have interviewed “Swarming/Gender Confused, plastic bottled watered, gotta take school bus because I can’t walk 1/2 mile to school, daily offended X/Ys ” to try to understand why they would toss your NDP (who were trying to save the planet) in favor of the “Old Peoples UCP”?

Glad to see you still distorting the facts as per normal. Some light reading for you


Fescue, I have to agree with you!