October 24th, 2020

Garbage bin situation causing concerns

By Letter to the Editor on January 3, 2020.

I read Rhonda Worrall’s letter to the editor (Dec. 23 Herald) and I happen to live on this very street and I have the only house that has a garage in the back ally. Stating that, it means I have no driveway and my house is very well groomed with a large deck in the front and the back.

I’ve had many discussions with the waste department and the woman who runs the garbage trucks told me “too bad,” that I would still have to push my bins through the snow to get my garbage to the trucks. I had the general manager come over and look around and he agreed that it was impossible for me to have those two bins in the front of my house, and he would call me the next day. Well, it’s been a week now and I’m still waiting for that call.

I work downtown and I pay for the removal of my garbage which now I’m performing this duty. The woman at the waste department said I couldn’t take my garbage downtown; I’ve been performing this since the beginning of December. I have a beautiful paved back ally; this department told me that the trucks get stuck in the ally. I drive this ally every day and I have a car and I’ve never gotten stuck.

I always have had an issue with people leaving their bins out in the ally but the city does not have a bylaw in effect to make people bring them back onto their lots. I told them I’m not digging up my expensive underground water system to lay concrete for them. We pay enough taxes in this area; I don’t want them to add on more. I’m sure my taxes pay for the removal of garbage!

I also told the City to remove their bins off my property for I wasn’t babysitting the bins and as I drive around this city that is all I see, “garbage bins” in the front of homes. What a way to beautify our city!

Shelley Johnson


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Citi Zen

Agreed, this issue of placing bins on the front streets is absurd. My street is often fully utilized with parked cars, which means the bins will have to be placed in the driving lane. Really? And now Lethbridge is starting to look like trash city, with bins and garbage blowing all around our residential streets. Nice move, City Hall!

George McCrea

Driving copperwood on garbage or blue bin day with the wind howling can be a challenge. Many times have had to stop in the middle of the road secure the vehicle and then go out and move them back to what I hope is their respective place. The Mayor would say we were late to the party with automated pick up, now we’re just late!!!!!!!!


when the change to black carts first came into being we had the same problem issued a letter on door step must move cart from back lane to front street for service with all reasons which did not make sense. We had one conversation with then Waste Manager explained his reasons did not apply to our carts in back lanes. had three feet to bring cart inside fence, protected from elements, also our back lane was plowed once otherwise no problem , he agreed and moved to back lanes until, The director of infrastructure stated there was communication, some communication, blind eye, with citizens on cart move, never seen him or General or waste manager got her reply read the bylaw . Yes you see the carts blowing in the wind down the blvd slamming into parked cars hope the city got damage claims. But the city bylaw states you are responsible for their cart.
They tried this BS back in the 1980 curbside garbage carts to solve wind problem the city installed steel plates in bottom of carts finally city gave up trucks and carts wound up in junkyard . Their City blue cart is parked on their property I have not used it prefer the recycle depot I pay $3.30 for no hassle, but it wont be long city council will approve shuttering them $1.5million each.