October 20th, 2020

What will farmers use to stop feral pig invasion?

By Letter to the Editor on January 7, 2020.

A pro-gun rallying cry to all the sugar-beet farmers re: Trudeau’s planned ban of the SKS. What better rifle/cartridge combo is cheaply available for feral pig eradication?

We’re not talking “sport” here. Can you imagine what a sugar-beet field would look like after a nocturnal visit by a few sounders of feral pigs? Canada restricts mag capacity to five rounds and prohibits night hunts. When your livelihood is at stake, maybe there needs to be a few changes?

OTOH, an epicurean neighbour, has posited the flavour of sugar-beet-fed pork. What say you, southern folk? The pigs are coming. Ask the southwest Saskatchewan Fish and Game Department.

J. Victor Hatheway

Veteran, Alta.

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Just direct the pigs to the massive piles of beets that didn’t get harvested. Welcome feral pigs!

John P Nightingale

Granted, feral pigs are a nuisance and in some cases need to be culled but using this circumstance to advocate for larger magazine capacities (35 rounds per minute) and legalize night hunting, is contrary to public opinion across Canada.
At a time when police and “common” folk are asking for stricter controls , this letter would suggest that like the NRA when responding to another mass shooting in the US proclaiming yet more guns are the answer , we need to liberalize current laws in order to control an alien invader.


Feral pigs are an issue that does need attention. Liberalization of gun laws certainly is not the answer although, in my view, neither are stricter firearm laws. Canada has strict firearm laws that would be more than adequate but for the poor system of justice we have and our apparent lack of ability to control crime and the root causes. It is about accountability, responsibility and consequences, yes consequences. Heaven forbid we should have consequences and risk hurt feelings and self esteem! Our various levels of government trot out the need for stricter controls, a red herring, to appease the public knowing full well that criminals don’t play by the rules, they are called criminals because they don’t obey the law,
Control of feral pigs certainly should not require high capacity firearms nor night hunting. War measures to control a pest? Unfortunately when it comes to these kind of issues, we go from the sublime to the ridiculous., from one end of the spectrum to the other rather than common sense. Go feral pigs. Really?


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