October 24th, 2020

Political will needed to address environmental destruction

By Letter to the Editor on January 8, 2020.

Re: “Will common sense prevail over climate hysteria,” letter to the editor, Dec. 30.

What about the “hysteria” over big-monied businesses threatening to pack up their assets and relocate to Third World nations, if we don’t hand them even more corporate welfare cheques and further exemptions to already-weak environmental protections?

Canada’s governance system, similar enough to that of the U.S., is increasingly becoming a corpocracy, i.e. “a society dominated by politically and economically large corporations.”

I view corpocratic rule as that in which the two established conservative and neo-liberal parties more or less alternate in governance while habitually kowtowing to the interests of the very wealthy but especially big business’s crippling threats (whether implied or explicit) of a loss of jobs, capital investment and/or economic stability. Also, corporate representatives writing bills for governing representatives to vote for and have implemented, often enough word for word. This, of course, fails to mention, amongst other things, the corporate-welfare-cheque subsidies doled out annually to already very profitable corporations and the forgiveness of huge loan debts owed to taxpayers. Also, almost all of our information is still produced and/or shared with us by concentrated corporate-owned media.

Maybe we need some real “hysteria” directed towards the federal agenda still being foremostly predicated upon job creation and economic stimulation, however intangible when compared to the industrial destruction and max-exploitation of our natural environment and resources.

To mega-money-minded men, “practical” greenhouse-gas-reducing solutions will always be predicated on economic “reality,” the latter which is mostly created and entrenched according to fossil-fuel industry interests. Indeed, for a leader to try reworking this “reality” would seriously risk his/her own governance, however a landslide election victory he/she may have won.

Meanwhile, there’s discouragingly insufficient political will planet-wide to sufficiently address the immense environmental corruption and destruction at the hand of we reckless, greedy humans.

But, of course, there’s always plenty of ostrich syndrome to maintain it.

Frank Sterle Jr.

White Rock, B.C.

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White Rock. Have you worn out your welcome with readers there? Anyways how do you reconcile your perceived corporate control of society with the steamroller growth of governments that now employ well over 21% of Canadian workers? Or is it inconvenient to recognize our socialism is driving us down the tubes.


Just another “bad capitalists” letter from the left coast . Laughable comment” already-weak environmental protection” with Canadians unable to get even one pipeline built in years.

George McCrea

If one Googles Sterle Jr., he fancies himself as a one person army against the evils of the world, which are typically capitalism and conservatives. (Yawn). He rants from coast to coast from Terrace to St.Catherines as well as the Tyee rag. The theme is the same that appears above. What he doesn’t explain as he claims a long relationship with White Rock from an early age, the 70’s, is that he was around when home prices in White Rock were in the 90 k range for those with a glorious view of Semiahmoo Bay. Being a claimed resident of White Rock if he was “smart” he was able to take advantage of the gains provided by the capitalist system. I’m sure he did. So basically its another “convert” from the “now that I have mine” I am disgusted that you “may want yours’, through the very system he benefited from and now regales against.