October 28th, 2020

Trump is fringe element’s ‘man of the hour’

By Letter to the Editor on January 8, 2020.

Re: “Secular media confused about evangelical tradition,” (letter to the editor, Dec. 31 Herald). I strongly agree with Cameron Fraser in his assessment of the media response to Mark Galli’s editorial on the evangelical community’s attraction to Donald Trump.

This fringe element of historic biblical Christianity has found their “man of the hour” in Mr. Trump as someone with political clout who will bring to fruition its limited agenda of chiefly moral issues – in the best “civil religion” manner. This is not the mission of the Christian community.

Andrew Joosse


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Fringe? About 100 million americans identify as evangelicals. About 70% of white evangelicals currently support Trump. 3/4 of evangelicals in the US are white. That is more evangelicals support Trump than the total population of Canada. This according to Pew surveys.
Could it be that we are seeing the “no true Scotsman fallacy” in operation here?

Tris Pargeter

Yes grinandbearit. Precisely. What say you Mr. Joosse?
From yet another “fringe,” one that happily escaped the writer’s obvious indoctrination, the arguments trotted out here exemplify the usual “angels dancing on the head of a pin.”
The bottom line on religion in 2020? Just look at what’s going on right now in the Middle East, and what has been going on for decades, and tell me that believers have a leg to stand on even REMOTELY. There we can all see, in living colour, the reality of theocracy, and therefore the religious belief it is based on.
The story of 40 people being killed and another 200 injured during that recent funeral says it all. Sheer fanaticism bordering on insanity to worship ANY one like that, deity or otherwise. Every interview done with locals is rife with abject, often manic deference to their “god.” Religion is a cult, pure and simple, and it’s very disturbing to see how susceptible people are. Can so many be wrong? Absolutely.


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