October 31st, 2020

More growth only helps the one per cent

By Letter to the Editor on January 9, 2020.

Sorry, Mr. Kenney, I’m not buying it. More pipelines, more oil and gas sales, more anger, more blame and hate; more cuts for people’s services and more subsidies to corporations. It all boils down to more “growth;” more profit for banks and shareholders, and more crocodile tears for “investors.” More lobby for the one per cent and less for workers.

Less income since the 1980s, less wages, less union representation, less accountability, less transparency. It’s all about the big squeeze on workers. Where are the jobs promised with corporate tax cuts? Where are the benefits for dropping the minimum wage? The story has been gross increases for CEOs, shareholders and bankers. Where do those profits come from? We all have to pay back more than we borrow – so borrowing is a trap. Credit cards and tax cuts push “overspending.” Workers and the poor need money to live; the rich just pamper their egos.

Constant insistence on growth in GDP is anti-human, it is a fantasy that capitalism has oversold to the benefit of global finance. Corporate globalism has shown to be a failure. The workers recession has provided 93 per cent growth for the assets of the one per cent. The rest of us lost it all to them, and they refuse to even pay taxes! It’s a “restriction of their freedom.”

We get less health care, less education, less government services, less interest in the common needs, less transparency, less political responsibility – all at more cost. The big con of the PC is their service to wealth, not to the common people. PC fixation is on more growth – without the winners paying for it. If the political fixers and corporate lobby find a solution to oilpatch cleanup and climate change, you know who’s paying for it. Not the one per cent.

Don Ryane


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Fedup Conservative

Great comments Don. While we watch Kenney and his MLAs enjoy spending our tax money on free travel trips, pretending to be doing something about our financial mess the situation just gets worse as the Orphan Well Crisis Klein created increases, and Kenney make it crystal clear Albertans had better be prepared to pay a lot more out of their own pockets. All this while Alaska and Norway keep increasing their savings accounts for their children’s future. Although their oil production isn’t anywhere near as high as Alberta’s, Alaska now has $66.3 billion in their Alaska Permanent Fund and every man, woman, and child got $1,606. this past year in oil wealth dividend cheques. They pay no state taxes and tell me their property taxes are next to nothing. It isn’t any wonder the American oilmen that I was involved with years ago called Albertans the dumbest people on the planet for letting Klein give away our oil wealth the way he was doing. Now watch these ignorant seniors bash me because they can’t stand to hear anyone bad mouth their hero Ralph Klein. The same Ralph Klein I knew who was a a grade ten high school drop out, arrogant bully, with a major drinking problem, the same Ralph Klein whose father Phil and daughter Angie tried to help us vote him out when he was in office, but these ignorant Albertans wouldn’t let us. Let’s hope they have lots of money or don’t get sick because what Kenney is planning could put them in financial ruin or in an early grave. I’m betting we lose a lot more doctors, nurses, and teachers under this Liberal, turned Reformer Jason Kenney and these ignorant seniors aren’t smart enough to understand it. Now that they helped put us in this mess maybe they would like to explain to us how they intend to get us out of it? Notley was on the right path, trying to get us back up to the Lougheed royalties and tax levels and there is no way we can fix this mess with out doing so.

Tris Pargeter

Good letter and comment.
Shannon Phillips is speaking today at SACPA, and I’m hoping that in their “alternative budget,” they’re finally considering what economists keep suggesting because it is widely used, works, and causes a TON less suffering– a SALES TAX. Talk about commonsense.
Doing so would not only show true leadership by boldly and reasonably remedying most of our financial problems, it would also out the UCP for their innate cruelty and sheer nastiness as human beings. What else to conclude when people are so weirdly and AVIDLY attracted to punishment and suffering, apparently for its own sake! Not unlike the old fire and brimstone preachers or all the devout evangelicals currently plaguing us by trying to actually derail what is normal societal evolution, derailing in the process our basic human rights. Starting with women. Because they ALWAYS start with women. Out them for that too, how about?
And what do they offer as replacement? the manufactured reality of medieval biblical doctrines. Talk about appropriating others’ culture! With all this talk about mental illness, why isn’t this discussed more often and more openly? It’s like a whole population of people who still believe in Santa Claus, and the rest of us are expected to tiptoe around, placate them and somehow respect their delusion on top of it! That’s not healthy either.
And speaking of the profoundly irrational, not to mention irresponsible, what’s with the UCP refusing to even consider any remedy other than cuts, and completely ignoring the crucial revenue side of THEIR stupid, mean-spirited budget!
We’ve finally come around to admitting climate change for the most part, which is SCIENCE, so maybe we can come around to the common sense relief of a sales tax, which is MATH.
Kenney really likes to push his luck, shown by the fact that he is a closet gay catholic, and also imagines that reducing all of our public services and crushing our collective spirits won’t actually damage his chances of holding onto his beloved power!
But SOMEONE has to put the world to rights. Right?

Fedup Conservative

While some of my friends have seen a 38% increase in their insurance premiums, thank’s to Kenney taking off the caps the Horizon School Board in Taber has seen an increase of 297%. Their insurance is going from $300,000. To $900,000. Just think what this is going to do to their property taxes. Add that to their cost of policing that Kenney dumbed on their backs and we are all going to see huge increases to our property taxes. It has to happen. All this while Kenney and his MLAs having a ball wasting taxpayer’s money travelling the world and reducing tax breaks for their rich friends. They are certainly making their supporters look like village idiots. Talk about shooting yourselves in the foot.


Speaking of mental illness. You want politicians to impose another (sales) tax. Why? You must think you have too much money because you are crazy if you think a sales tax would reduce other taxes we pay or fix anything. It would just create more public employment – unproductive bureaucracy in its entirety. But then you say you believe in man-caused global warming too. With all due respect.