October 31st, 2020

Casa booking experience gets a poor review

By Letter to the Editor on January 10, 2020.

I am writing to express my frustration with booking rooms at Casa if you not a specific member of the arts membership. Apparently, being a taxpayer who provides funding for Casa is not enough to be treated fairly.

Upon a recent booking at Casa we learned that advertising space is not available to renters of the facility; neither is proper staffing (sound techs) available for your event. Not only that, if you inform them of your displeasure with your booking, the response will simply be “gee, that’s too bad.”

If you have a professional event that requires professional lights and sound, from my experience, Casa is a members-only facility, not a resident-friendly facility.

Danni McKenzie


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I could’ve told you that. They love the taxpayer’s money. The taxpayer not so much. I’ve found them as a very self entitled bunch.


Denni: Casa is a taxpayer owned facility but City Council gave it to them for a measly $20.00 a year
agreement other fee for service city facilities they pay a percentage of operating costs like the University pays share operating costs for top floor costs $83,000 for 2020 arts group pay nothing they are takers and receive from taxpayer $182,000 a year plus for Casa $420,000.00 per year. The new curling rink Lethbridge Curling Club pay 33.50% $156,900. operating costs plus lease fee $119,000 city documents referral .