October 28th, 2020

Funding cuts will make life harder for Albertans

By Letter to the Editor on January 10, 2020.

When a government curtails funding for education, it is a sure sign that they have lost their minds. Anyone with a sound intellect understands that progress in any society/nation depends on the intrinsic power of its erudite minds. Thought precedes action, therefore we need a thoughtful, skilled populace whose decision-making capabilities are underpinned by authentic knowledge.

The cutbacks to school divisions are disastrous. Good-quality early education provides our children with a strong foundation to build their lives and future. Investing in our children now will save money and disaster later. “Better build schoolrooms for the boy than cells and gibbets for the man.” (Eliza Cook)

Making secondary education more expensive is downright myopic. It will impede the affordability of higher education for some of the brilliant youth. Kenney did not spare the helpless, frail population of our parents. He plans drastic cutbacks in the frontline workers and nurses in long-term care facilities that will decline the already inadequate care of our silent, helpless parents. This government is morally bankrupt in forgetting that our wonderful nation, Canada, was built by their sacrifices and sweat and blood.

One of the most challenging issues of human life is health. With layoffs, we are about to suffer longer wait times for appointments, procedures, surgeries, inadequate care and more privatization. According to Travis Toews, the finance minister, “… to deliver more efficient, improved frontline care …” Is he a magician who can magically improve performance by cutting back workforce? Ironically, they call it reform!

Even the lives of vulnerable, physically and mentally challenged Albertans have become more arduous because the programs that help them cope with life are cancelled by our insensitive government. Kenney on spending cuts (Dec. 2): “… the citizens are making this (cuts) out to be the arrival of apocalypse…”

He is reducing spending by 2.8 per cent over four years, $1.3 billion, to be exact. Mr.Kenney, do the math. How many thousands of Albertans are going to lose their jobs? For all those hard-working workers, who have families to support, getting laid off is apocalyptic.

Why can’t supposedly brilliant politicians of the Alberta government display some creativity in finding a less invasive, less painful method to balance the budget? Have they heard of “provincial sales tax”? “A nation flourishes splendidly when power and wisdom coexist in rulers. A nation is devastated when those in power have no wisdom.” (unknown).

Ramma Sawhney


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Kenney doesn’t have a heart! Appealing doesn’t work either.
How on earth did he win ?


And on the other hand huge deficits and debt will hurt future generations! ( small minds have trouble grasping this) Stay the course Jason!

Tom Johnston

Whether it’s a fiscal deficit or an infrastructure deficit, which is what Mr. Kenny’s approach will obviously generate, future generations will still face a deficit. And a component of that deficit will be a lowering of general level of preparedness of the province’s human capital to survive and thrive in a knowledge-based economy. But not to worry, we will simply import our knowledge workers, as has been done in the past. The fly in the ointment is that native-born Albertans, that very group the Deficit-slayers claim to be concerned about, will be relegated to low-paying service sector jobs, many of which will be in the emerging Gig Economy.

Our current situation is less a spending problem and more a revenue problem.

Fedup Conservative

Great comments johnny just keep ignoring what your hero Ralph Klein did to us proving how ignorant you are. What Notley was doing was fixing the mess she inherited and it could have been easily repaid when she got our taxes and royalties back up to the Lougheed levels but we know you aren’t smart enough to understand that.


Time for your meds again FC?


Indeed, “small minds” fail to apply critical thinking and analysis in order to comprehend how the “huge deficits” in a poorly educated workforce, in the health and well being of Albertans, in a lack of planning to diversify the economy, in a failure to acknowledge how the climate crisis will impact agriculture in this province et al – all of this political ideology is creating an enormous human and environmental “debt” future generations will be saddled with.


Indeed, IMO.

Johnny57 is lucky to have friends like all of us to help him through the jungle of complex thought.

To add to this, debt incurred for infrastructure that will be used into the future is equitable – otherwise everything will have to be paid upfront. Silly debt, like public relation stunts, does indeed increase valueless debt.

One should also consider that our debt is owned by the wealthy (who deserve profitable and risk-free investment opportunities, if for no other reason than for their virtue and obvious superiority).


“complex thought”? lol usually not much at all on a Liberal thread!


Not meant to offend! I just meant a level of nuance beyond ‘det is bad’. (And the complexity of the silent ‘b’ – which is really the stuff Kenney should be trying to tackle! Yes! Free Alberta from Trudeau’s silent ‘b’!)


Point taken!

Tris Pargeter

Are you kidding me johnny57? Are you seriously sitting there trying to claim, cheerfully and confidently, (you’re always that, I’ll give you that), that CONSERVATIVES are the thinkers among us?? Come ON. By ANY rubric that measures human flourishing, which kind of seems THE POINT of politics, period, (no?) conservatives have NOTHING to actually offer. Justin Trudeau nailed one of the reasons when he rightly accused them of having NO vision, which is true. Let me hear your answer to why we never say “conservative democracy?” Because the very concept speaks to the kind of open-ended, critical thinking that has produced the most dynamic and wildly successful societies in the world. We are, however, starting to hear the term “illiberal” democracy. So even in opposition, deference must be made to the deep imprint of liberalism throughout history. Even with the travesty of the rotten at the core GOP and their resident bad-boy Trump, and what is actually becoming a dangerously regressive theocracy south of us, (god and guns), conservatives continue to stupidly line up with the “winning TEAM” that will, in their limited minds, ALWAYS be another good old boys’ network. If this isn’t a perfect example of the product of a limited imagination, I don’t know what IS.
What cons have instead of imagination is a couple of tired, old idea that are a rigid, indoctrinated mix of libertarianism, inspired by the perennial young juvenile male approach that absolutely adores open gamesmanship in everything, along with pure competition as the be-all and end-all of human activity. They are the party of unfettered capitalism and all traditions, on principle. Their entire philosophy skews toward maintain the status quo, even when inequality is now literally threatening us all.
We all went to school, didn’t we, and we ALL know that there are generally two kinds of people in the world–those who did well on reading comprehension tests, and those who just didn’t get it. Those were the future conservatives. Sorry, but it’s true.


Holy crap Tris that was a mouth-full!
I have voted conservative all my life (lol as if you did not suspect) and in doing so I have always thought that they represented my way of thinking, not to a “T” but with most things I believe.
In my line of work I bump into many people in all walks of life and a fair chunk of them come from provinces that were run and (in my opinion) ruined by NDP or Liberal governments. The best example of this is our great friends to the East of us in Saskatchewan. If I got a dollar for every person I ran into that came from our green neighbours to our great province looking for a better life my retirement fund would be ramped-up in a very significant way. I always take the time to quiz them as to why they come here and more often than not it was to get away from a government that was stagnating the economy and thus creating economic refugees out of them. And none of them (at least the ones I have bumped into) would vote anything but conservative. I know there is a lot of what the cons do that I can’t side with especially the far right loonies that still have a problem acknowledging peoples rights like the gay community ect.
The crazy bible thumpers are another group I have unofficially waged war on. Its on a personal note that I do that as I have a brother that has been brain-washed by these bible toting lunatics.
I still conclude that my voting preference may not be perfect but still the lesser of two evils.
I can’t offer you fancy numbers or web-sites to back-up what I believe! I can offer you my experience with the hundreds and may soon to be thousands of people that I deal-with and my fascination with their sudden moves in their lives.

Tris Pargeter

Thanks for making the effort to explain yourself johnny57. Maybe you could also move on to actually using your actual, whole name….?
First off, the fact that you have “voted conservative all your life” doesn’t actually advance your point that yours is a well thought out, reasoned, or informed opinion because, quite simply, things have changed.
All you conservatives are getting caught out now for your characteristic aversion to change, which is part of human nature, being so hidebound, but not its best part, considering what an essential, undeniable aspect of our lives it is. So this aversion naturally includes climate change, which is the most massive and systemic threat any of us have ever faced, so is understandable, up to a point. But that is a truly ignorant position because it denies science itself, the most rigorous and objective intellectual discipline that we have, so you are refuting human intelligence itself by marginalizing people who know far more than you do on this topic, and marginalizing them MAINLY because of their expertise. That’s not just willful ignorance, it’s pure stupidity. And mainly because it makes you feel better, along with the people that you so enjoy meeting. So HOW is this rigid, blinkered position any different than those “bible thumpers” you refer to?
You have to be able to change your mind in life if you want to be reasonable and/or seen as rational, is the point. It’s what supposedly sets us apart from the other animals.
My other point is that basing your take entirely on who you meet in your work or life is the definition of “anecdotal.” You need to pan out from your own life on this.


What would that accomplish Tris (me using my real name) in the short term? For you-maybe lots! I suspect! I do have a built-in mistrust for anything Liberal-to far left and your request just pours more fuel onto that mistrust.
Yes I did try to communicate my position the best I could. But I will admit my position is in constant transition because of the people I talk with and in-depth self education I immerse myself in on a daily basis in our media world.
I on a personal level have felt the damage that these bible thumpers have caused.
You are making a big mistake when you limit other peoples experiences to just “anecdotal” because they have lots to offer us.


Ignoring the selfserving nonsense above, I wonder if the letter writer has thoroughly researched and thought out the reasons behind our provincial education budget changes. For sure the process of education in Alberta has innumerable opportunities for cost reductions and efficiencies. Inefficiencies, abnormally high administration costs, introduction and entrenchment of formerly unacceptable ideologies throughout the system, refusal to consult parents at large, and outright empire-building are strangling Alberta’s public school systems and encouraging the home-schooling and online movements. Our bureaucrat and unionized providers are being given this year’s budget shakeup as an opportunity to direct change. Next year the elected bright minds will step in to get our educators back to reality.


as the song goes tomorrow never comes.