October 31st, 2020

School busing decision should be revisited

By Letter to the Editor on January 15, 2020.

With the recent departure of Lethbridge City Manager Bramwell Strain, after less than a year and a half on the job, there is an opportunity to revisit one of his most controversial recommendations: that the City divest its involvement with school bus transportation.

For 50 years the City and the Lethbridge Public and Holly Spirit School Boards have co-operated in providing school bus transportation which was safe, convenient and cost-effective. To suddenly decide at this late date that the City needs of get out of this successful partnership because of liability concerns does not stand up to scrutiny.

The major reason liability has not been an issue over a period of half a century is that the partners have worked out a system that works. But if there should be a liability issue in the future, is there anyone who seriously believes the school boards wouldn’t be at the table with the City to find a solution? This is Lethbridge, and we do partnerships well!

Robert D. Tarleck


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You are absolutely right in fact the school boards already have offered to indenify the city from any legal responsibility for any liability in case of an accident. I don’t know who’s driving this issue in city hall. I think their energy should be put towards something more constructive. If they’re looking for liability issues I can think of one, “The watch”. That’s a can of worms if you’re talking about liability.

George McCrea

I can think of another liability can of worms: the airport


What has not been told if parents of children on busses have signed off document holding School board or City and drivers liable for accident injuries or death? It would be interesting to know what policy deductible the School Boards have or if they have many previous accidents or injury claims they priced out on deductable and become self-insured at school taxpayer expense. I pay school taxes and am concerned they will increase with this issue.

George McCrea

Or has the airport signed off on its liability or has the members of the Watch signed off on their liability or how about the School Patrol program, have they signed off. O how about the supervisors at lunch and on field trips. Guess we should just cancel it all. Stay tuned on the school busing.


george has your wife or passengers signed a document not holding you liable in the event of your fault injury/ accident. . can your wife sue you or the children on school bus sue you the driver on your fault accident, you should phone your insurance Company.