January 23rd, 2021

Funding cuts always affect the ‘little people’

By Letter to the Editor on January 24, 2020.

Because of cuts to government income from taxes and resource revenue, we have seen cuts to services to the public and layoffs. We have seen increases in fees, and reductions in education and health programs. There is even talk of privatizing some government services to make them more “efficient” – did that work with AGT/Telus, Alberta Gas or Power?

What I haven’t seen is any reduction in pay for those administrators and executives, or have I missed something? The educational programs have been cut, but the student fees have increased. Who makes these decisions? Have their incomes and bonuses been reduced? I haven’t heard of any layoffs for the executive board of the University of Lethbridge or Lethbridge College. Has the president or CEO of either had cuts to their income or expenses?

Recently bureaucrats and legislators gave themselves a boost in pay without our approval. The ministers of the government give themselves a bonus for the extra responsibilities of their offices; have they even announced a reduction in expense accounts?

Why is it the “hard times” only affect students, the little people, the poor, the sick and the working people, while the upper income levels are never affected by hard economic reality? Could it be that the people who benefit most from the current situation set things up for themselves, without even asking the rest of us? Is that how “responsible” government in a democracy works?

When will people get “mad as hell” and refuse to take it anymore? Would that ever happen in wimpy Canada, where we allow politicians like Harper and Kenney to walk all over us with their secret agendas? Part of citizenship in a democracy is “speaking in the marketplace.” Today’s idea of the “market” leaves no room for the citizen, only consumers.

Don Ryane


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George McCrea

In stating tax cuts to the resource industry, does your resource industry includes the renewable resource industry, wind, solar, and everything thing green corporations. Don’t forget your barber, your favourite tattoo shop, your fav restaurant, your favourite wine store, your favourite coffee shop. Any corporation receives a reduction of 1% in the corporate tax rate this year and a 1% reduction per year for the next 3. Those are the facts, not the rhetoric

P.S Was wondering what you think of Trudeau’s tax cuts to the middle class mantra. Waiting anxiously for your next letter analyzing that.


It’s a con’s game to keep moving the shells.

A government gives billions to large corporations, their manager-elite, and the kleptocrats that serve their interests. But their apologists brag about the scraps given to the small, owner-managed businesses.

Isn’t it time we make a clear distinction between those who benefit and those who don’t. The UCP is beholden to large, transnational corporations, and this is who they serve.


ty, don, and excellent points, fes.
george – hoping you see that no matter the name of the party in power, no matter the names of the players, they all are playing us. the game is rigged, the working class are the chumps, and the top 1% (particularly the top 1% of the top 1%), are always the winners. we keep it all happening as is simply by buying into party politics…like whatever party we like the name of does no wrong. and yet, the truth is they each screw us over, and leave a larger mess than they began with.
it is hard to believe that we still line up to vote. our current hero, kenney, under an investigation for corruption…for subverting democracy as i see it…seems all but forgiven simply because he is calling himself a conservative: that is good enough for about half the alberta voting populace: who cares if he is corrupt? or, he is not corrupt because he conservative. then there is andrew scheer: “misspending” party money on his kids…misspending?! how about theft? but that is ok, because he is conservative. and now along comes mackay…again. the guy that used our military to fly his family around to and from vacations…theft in any workplace (no matter how he and the party chose to spin it) but not for conservatives. and, we can go back to chretien and his theft of public funds to his constituency; and to paul martin and his sketchy manipulation of his shipping company in order to rip cdns off their fair share of taxation; and the present day morneau, our finance minister that oversees the theft of the public purse via payouts, loopholes, subsidies, massive taxation forgiveness and so forth to the wealthiest people and entities among us.
the issue, mostly, is not about these self serving, lying and thieving bullies; the issue is stupid people that ignorantly support these political parties that are ruining the country: how stupid is the belief: my party, right or wrong?


What’s the alternative Don????

George McCrea

As long as those big multinationals like Siemens and the Solar Companies are included you have a point.


george – yes, i am speaking to the entire sordid and filthy system, including the likes of siemens and various alternative energy cos. while i favour developing clean, responsible, and effective energy options, i do not favour the giving away of public money to corps/businesses. any public funds used should result in fair equity ownership or holdings in such businesses so that the public does not get fleeced, and instead earns income from their fair stake. moreover, should we discover the cleanest and most renewable energy miracle, i will still favour a shift to a much more needs based approach to living, away from our unlimited and unsustainable wants based approach.
seriously folks, if we are not yet ready to make the sacrifice and take to the streets like people in other nations do, at the very least we protest by rendering our voting ballots invalid in elections to come. stop legitimising the scam with your votes, and let the thieves and the inept know they have lost the electorate. it would send a message akin to professional sports looking to thrive with next to no one in the stupidly overpriced seats quaffing down stupidly overpriced concessions.