January 22nd, 2021

Canada is missing in action

By Letter to the Editor on January 28, 2020.

What is the government waiting for? The international community has pledged a new round of disease prevention through the Global Polio Initiative, but Canada is nowhere to be found. Vaccinations are the cheapest, most effective way to prevent disease and reduce poverty worldwide. Disease and poverty are twin sides of the same coin: someone suffering from measles, malaria or polio or a whole host of other preventable diseases cannot work or support a family.

It makes far more economic sense to fund vaccinations than complex medical services for the sick. The world knows this and most developed nations have already pledged their share of funding. But where is Canada? The election was a along time ago, yet Minister Gould is still missing in action. While the world waits for Canada to act, recent outbreaks of polio and measles show that infectious diseases do not.

Francis Beckow


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Southern Albertan

There is also the ‘big picture matter’ of equal wealth distribution. Countries who do this, on the whole, thereby, are less poverty stricken. Less poverty means less crime, less drug abuse, less homelessness, less ill health….Overall, these problems, in the long run, are very expensive to society.
Right wing politics appears to not understand this very well. An example worth researching is Norway, a social democrat country who takes their capitalist wealth (since money talks) and does do, equal wealth distribution. One can still attain individual wealth in a country/jurisidiction who does equal wealth distribution. Thus, they have a more settled society which is less crime-ridden and is rated as one of the, or the, happiest society in the world. A happy society is a successful society, including financial success……sort of speaks volumes.


so.ab – i agree, and yet, humanity hits a thick, brick wall when it comes to the egos that believe they are more deserving and worth so much more than another. selfishness and self service trump humanity.