January 23rd, 2021

MLA doing what he was elected to do

By Letter to the Editor on January 29, 2020.

Re: Jan. 23 Letter to the Editor from Maria Fitzpatrick, “Lobbying on City’s behalf is the MLA’s job.”

Maria starts her letter by saying, “I read Tim Kalinowski’s article in The Herald on Jan. 17 with utter dismay sadness and yes, some anger.” She goes on to say that the City should not have to hire a lobbyist to lobby on behalf of our City to the provincial government. Up to this point I agree with Maria, which is surprising to me because during her four-year tenure as the MLA for Lethbridge-East, I did not agree with much she said.

This is where we part company. She says she does not blame the City for this choice but instead blames Nathan Neudorf, our MLA for Lethbridge-East, for not doing his job by advocating for Lethbridge-East and Lethbridge in general. First, I think the City is once again wasting taxpayer money by hiring this lobby group for $30,000 plus another $6,000 in other expenses.

The UCP provincial government received a mandate from the Alberta electorate to get the runaway spending from our previous NDP government under control. To do that you need to either cut your expenses or raise taxes or both. If the government is in the “cut spending mode,” it is difficult to get them to spend money on new projects. For Maria to suggest Nathan is not doing his job is an absolute false narrative. I know Nathan personally and professionally and have had numerous meetings with him and it would be hard to find a person who is working harder for this community than he is.

Maria says she can speak to this in a personal way because she has been there. So, she knows about the 16-hour days, the time spent away from family, the constant meeting with ministers and caucus and all the meeting you need to have at the local level to keep informed of the needs of your constituents. That is exactly what Nathan has been doing since the election. I know he is totally focused on the well-being of Lethbridge and he is our best lobbyist.

Maria says in her letter about all the meetings she attended but after four years and working with the NDP, a government that had no problem spending taxpayers’ money, so besides all the meetings, what did Maria accomplish? I guess there must have been something, but I sure can’t think of anything significant. I trust Nathan Neudorf to get the job done.

Barrie Orich


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Southern Albertan

Would the Kenney UCP MLAs, supporters, et al, have the courage to set aside ideology and read this and start sitting up and taking notice? What would be said if the Kenney UCP austerity program pushes Alberta into recession? Crickets? Remember, we’re not done with the austerity yet, and, perhaps, we have seen nothing yet.
“Jason Kenney’s economic policies are failing Alberta.”
Perhaps the populist authoritarian Kenney UCP, et al, would scoff and scorn at
observations/murmurings such as this, but it might be a tipping point for those who are starting to be iffy about this government. Where there’s austerity smoke there’s damaging austerity fire. I sure wouldn’t wish to be a UCP MLA at the moment while things are going down, down, down and the flames are going higher,


Mmmm, ya, rabble.ca. Talk about fake news.

diplomacy works

If the previous NDP government’s spending was “runaway” what to call Jason Kenney UCP’s spending 2 Billion MORE than the NDP budgeted for the same time period?

And if you can only get spending under control through cutting expenses or raising taxes (or both) as the letter writer notes, then the UCP are failing there as well.

$4.7 BIllion in tax cuts on profits for corporations COSTS government.
$2.5 Million for a witch hunt on citizens who don’t bow and scrape suitably to Kenney’s Oil and Gas interests.
$30 Million a year WAR ROOM with all accountability shrouded.
The Fair Deal panel and all the other proposed panels Kenney likes to institute to pay off supporters and cast blame anywhere but on himself.

Meanwhile the cost of living is up as Kenney scraps caps on everything he can, including energy bills and insurance. But the money doesn’t go to govt for redistribution to us as schools, hospital or infrastructure spending, it just -poof – disappears.

UCP is an ideologically hidebound government. It doesn’t matter who the MLA for any area is – decisions come from the top and input is only welcome to pat Jason Kenney’s back and further the pile drive of Alberta into the depths of a Kenney Made depression.


so. ab and dipl. works: excellent entries! as for the mla, like barrie, one can choose to believe he is doing his job; indeed, he does as he is told by the party brass, as they all do. quite a nice job to be paid among the highest salaries simply for being a puppet or a ventriloquist’s dummy.

Tris Pargeter

Barrie Orich, how do you have the temerity to even MENTION wasting taxpayer money at this point as we all watch the summer of repeal morph into the winter of wreckage with this United Clown Posse? They’re kamikaze with it. It’s irrational. Not everyone is as enamoured with punitive measures for the sheer righteousness, not to mention pure enjoyment of it, which comes across on Kenney’s face.
The NDP, on the other hand, reasonably tried to mitigate another bad “bust.” I realize that die-hard conservatives here seem to have proudly appropriated the boom/bust phenomenon as just another tribal/team identifier of WHO WE ARE, along with oil and gas, but does that not strike you as rather odd, even perverse?
I would imagine that you can only imagine a MAN doing a proper job anyway when it comes to the BUSINESS of MONEY, so I suspect that Janice McKinnon was put at the head of the “blue ribbon panel,” in part because of her past NDP affiliation in an attempt to imbue the illustrious panel with some humanity. That’s what people like about the NDP- they possess that in spades. To dismiss the accomplishment of halving child poverty and built over 200 schools, AND providing labour peace, do you really consider that NOTHING? Maria played a part in all of that I’m sure, and would have championed children’s lives just as she did women’s.
And what kind of “blue-ribbon-panel” doesn’t even CONSIDER revenue?! Reminds me of the Republican Senate “trial” going on at the moment. Why is the right so predictably horrible all the time?


“Why is the right so predictably horrible all the time?”

I expect it will be 30 years before the UCP is thrown out so don’t waste all your vitriol in the first year.

diplomacy works

biff – thank you and I agree regarding Southern Albertan.

Tris, I believe “… the right so predictably horrible all the time?” is actually their brand.
They have the political market on harming, shaming & punishing completely cornered.

BTW, I have nothing against MLA Nathan Neudorf, he may be the most wonderful man in the south. But he does represent the UCP govt. to us rather than us to the UCP. If it were otherwise, cities and municipalities in Alberta would not be hiring lobbyists.