January 22nd, 2021

Alberta gov’t actions targeting the weakest groups

By Letter to the Editor on January 30, 2020.

We talk about what we are doing to help the homeless but this provincial government is putting them there. Way to go. Kenney has lots of money and he will get more by doing what he is doing or why would he be attacking the people who need his help?

The weakest groups are our seniors, our disabled, the sick, the underprivileged and our children. The people of strength are the rich and powerful and his budget does not attack them. In fact, it gives them more benefits, more tax cuts and more rights. How do we get these people out? How do we as a province finally say enough? I have said for over 15 years but my one voice needs more. I am almost glad that I am in the last few years of my life but I fear for my children and my grandchildren. If this province continues the way it is, people will have to leave to survive and the cycle will continue.

May God have mercy on the wretched souls that are ruining this province.

This is my third letter to the editor because one letter would not suffice to hold all the problems being created by our new government who is following in the steps of the old Conservative regime that wanted power and money at the expense of all the vulnerable citizens.

Lillian Westling


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Lillian: Perhaps if you are able, you may wish to attend the City Hall at 1:00 today for the announcement of the 11 Million that will be for supportive housing to help people who are at risk of homelessness. May God have mercy on the wretched souls that created the many problems that the UCP are trying to correct.

Tris Pargeter

I agree Lillian that this government is absolutely despicable. But the UCP could more accurately be called the “United Christian Party” could it not?
So wherefore, “May God have mercy on the wretched souls that are ruining this province.” And the reply from Emma, “May God have mercy on the wretched souls that created the many problems that the UCP are trying to correct.” WHAT????
This makes not one shred of sense. Is this all just “inside baseball” then, a tiff among your fellow Christians, who you “bless” while simultaneously castigating them? If so, how do you see anything even remotely “divine” in that grubby, utterly human impulse to have a leg up, and be MORE pure, have MORE faith, and therefore be the better Christian?
And seriously, how long can you “turn the other cheek” without concluding that you’re a masochist? Who in their right mind “blesses” those that are attacking them? Is it to attain martyrdom like your hero in your book? Does it NEVER occur to you that myths are stories, period?
So Emma thinks the UCP are the actual “saviours” then, and SHE’S “blessing” another amorphous group who caused the situation??!! But THAT WOULD BE CONSERVATIVES, would it not?
Emma, the announcement is one that Shannon Phillips made a year ago, and because the UCP are starting to wander into the realm of a psycho bunch of thugs with ONE idea, to cut, cut and only cut, while never even considering ANY revenue remedy at hand, which is widely used for the reason that it works to stabilize important revenue for people i.e. a provincial sales tax. Which the refusal to consider also happens to make conservatives look like they just love punishment for the sake of it, but that’s not ALL because they obviously lean toward something even worse, which is a scorched earth ERADICATION of ANYTHING these upstart NDP women did ON PRINCIPLE. How dare they tamper with man’s rightful domain (google “dominionism”) when they know NOTHING about the ONLY thing that matters, which is money and business, so this is all for OUR OWN GOOD!??
Well all this just brings fire and brimstone preachers to mind doesn’t it? Which truly PROVES how Christian these guys truly ARE, and how profoundly IRRATIONAL religion truly is.
So I guess all this commentary is just inside baseball.


There is zero reason to call it the United Christian Party.

We all know your obsession with religion is only rivaled by your obsession with made up misogyny but that doesn’t mean every issue should or can be forced into these tiny little boxes just so you can go on another one of your incoherent, pointless rants.


I apologize to you for the religious comment but I have spent 50 years being involved with children, children with special needs and people with problems. I have spend 40 years dealing with how we can all succeed. Superiority was never part of my message. I was not trying to rub any wounds or hurt people’s feelings. Those people who care will see that the message is about helping the sick, the hurt, the disadvantaged, the young and the old. The middle of the road are becoming part of the end of the road.
I have been trying to get the Christians to see that what is happening is not Christianity but control through money. I don’t care if you are Conservative, NDP or Liberal, if you do not care about who you hurt then you are the problem not a solution.


You don’t need to apologize to me I am not Christian myself. I was probably overly sensitive because of all the attacks that Christians do get in the comments from many of the regular contributors, as I said I am not religious but doesn’t mean that i have to hate religion or those that belief in it.

I commend you for your work, I to have a lot of experience working with children with disabilities, although not as much as you!

Unfortunately there is only so much money that can go around and many out there trying to get their grubby hands on it. I think that many of the groups likely truly need it and put it to good use but we instead have to waste it on those that are just looking for a free hand out or free drugs. The NDP made so many mistakes that we now have to repair when it comes to finances. We will get over their 4 disastrous years but it won’t happen over night.

Keep working hard and now that we have an effective, responsible government in power you will see a lot more positive things happening in the province.


From your extremely emotional letter Ms Westling one may conclude two things. Firstly, you do not pay taxes at all. Those of us that pay tax prefer to see them pay for their intended goal – seniors (not spouses of seniors) health in this case. Secondly, you have no-one to restrain you from unreasoned rants for which you will undoubtedly have regrets.

Tris Pargeter

Firstly, news flash, all people who pay taxes are not skinflint cheapskates who are also obsessed with money. But also: “extremely emotional” eh? And “ranting?” And no man to restrain her from her hysteria either? Wow. Such disrespect for the foot soldiers of your beloved patriarchy RESOLUTE, your conservative world that is looking meaner and smaller all the time.
You are truly the poster boy for misogyny.


Where did he say anything about a man?

It clearly says no-one, it is only your pathetic need to create everything into a sexist comment that even brings any idea of misogyny into it.

Southern Albertan

In the much bigger picture again, it is the thing with ‘equal wealth distribution.’ It has to do with countries/jurisdictions taking capitalist wealth and actually, doing, equal wealth distribution. Perhaps again, we need to look to those who do, do equal wealth disribution which, in turn, generates lower poverty rates. Less poverty means, less crime, less drug abuse, more education, better health and nutrition, etc. and generates happier, less troubled societies.
As long as Canada/Alberta continues with the Liberal/Conservative politics that aids and abets the ongoing gap between the rich and the poor and keeps the 1% for wealth at the top wealthy, then things are not going to change. We can slap bandaids on here and there, but it has to be a much bigger effort, overall.


so.ab and tris have it correct, and thank you lillian for your valid thoughts.
emma – lol, you have made a funny! the mess has been made by others and the ucp is here to lol lol fix it! ahahahahahaha! i wish i had wrote that – great material…you performing at good times any time soon?!
party politics is a hoax, degrades democracy, and most rewards the bullies and the wealthiest, particularly those that have come by their wealth via greasy, dirty deals with the govt of the day. the country, and the planet for that matter, is not in the crap shape it is due to govts with hearts that care about the big picture.


Lethbridge MLA Nathan Neudorf openly states that the concerns of non-wealthy, non-corporate associated Albertans are not a UCP government priority:

““We’re here to balance a budget…”


…at the expense of economic stability, social justice, and political democracy.

For example, when a government has lost its moral and ethical compass, a key democratic principle, the Rule of Law, is abandoned. The ongoing RCMP investigation into leadership election irregularities and the recent questions surrounding possible conflict-of-interest activities involving the Minister of Justice are but two examples.

Thousands of Albertans are forced into unemployment. Education and publicly accessed health care are threatened. The erosion of social justice is evidenced, for example, by the hurtful decision to move the payment date of AISH to the first day of the month. This action speaks louder than any balanced budget ever will.

A Balanced Budget at the expense of the citizenry is never a moral or ethical legacy project.

Budgets are moral documents. People are attached to budgetary line items.

Tris Pargeter

All true IMO. Sort of a low-level, bush league version of the polished, blatant corruption of the “GOP” who now give the mafia a run for their money.
I also heard Neudorf on the news last night, around the re-announcement of the money for housing, (likely when questioned about the delay of a year) comment that “no one wants to pay for someone else’s work.” The actual homeless people are entirely absent here….
So more proof of priorities for the rogue choirboys.