January 20th, 2021

SCS fulfilling important need

By Letter to the Editor on February 1, 2020.

I applaud Mr. Fred Nowicki for the letter he recently wrote regarding the “Supervised Consumption Site” in Lethbridge. I, too, do not like the need for its existence but I also agree that it does fulfil an important and current need.

In December 2019 I, along with three others, had an extensive tour of the facility. Prior to the tour I probably had a neutral feeling about the facility. When the tour was over I knew that, regardless of what many people in our community felt about the facility, it was fulfilling an important and urgent need. The facility is not the long-term answer but the need of many of the services available at the site will likely always be needed.

Mr. Nowicki made reference to some of the root causes that lead to the need for the services being offered. Some of the symptoms that give rise to the issues will likely always be with us and I agree there are things we can and should do as parents and grandparents that can make a difference.

Certainly no one has an answer to the long-term life of this facility but today it fulfils an important community need.

W. Robert Jacobson


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Citi Zen

So you condone the use and administration of illicit street drugs? And back alley deals, immensely increased crime, ruined downtown businesses, needles in parks and playgrounds . The incresaed drug activity also attracts the Cartel and Hell’s Angels. But nice that you think this is all good.
Important community needs today are the security of our homes and the safety of our children, not the ongoing coddling of drug addicts.


I heard El Chapo is considering a move to Lethbridge.

Seth Anthony

If El Chapo moves to Lethbridge, our justice system will give him a stern finger waving and a lollypop.


…he’s already here, he has an office at the SCS.

Seth Anthony

Well played Ragnar.

William Robert Jacobson

If you read my letter you will not see me condoning the behaviour you noted. I don’t have the answer to this community issue. I would suggest you arrange to have a tour of the facility and after you have time to digest what you see and learn hopefully you will have sympathy for what they are trying to do. I mentioned in my letter it’s not the long term solution. Maybe there is no long term solution but in the meantime I can’t see us doing nothing.


The answer to the long time life of the facility is to shut it down as fast as possible and never allow it or anything like it to exist in our city again.


Aye, matey, as Melville once wrote: ‘Ignorance is the parent of fear.’

Ask yourself why you are so afraid of dealing with this crisis.

William Robert Jacobson

I would suggest you arrange for a tour of the facility. You may change your mind.

Seth Anthony

The author disingenuously PRETENDS he is neutral to try and garner agreement and sympathy. This is a typical low brow tactic.

Also typical, is no mention of the damage that our scs causes to both the addicts and innocent people.

Finally, the author states “fills an important need” three freakin’ times, but never mentions what this “fulfillment” is.

My full, scathing letter to the editor rebuttal to this letter is in the works.

William Robert Jacobson

I am not neutral. I believe the facility does fulfill a community need. I think if you took a tour of the facility you would be able to figure out what that need is. I hope your “scathing” letter includes a long term solution.


“”I hope your “scathing” letter includes a long term solution.””

It never does, William, that’s the way Seth rolls.

Fedup Conservative

Retired police officers that I have talked to tell a whole different story. What better way to find out who is taking these drugs and finding out where they are getting them so that they can arrest the people providing them. There has been some huge drug busts made in Alberta since these sites were implemented .Citi Zen is right. Pushing this back underground will destroy what police officers are being able to do to clean it up and they need time to do so. Despite the lies being spread this is not about catering to the drug users, this is about helping to fix the problem and I fully support it. Like many of you I didn’t until these police officers straightened me out.


Do you actually think your constant (fake) appeals to authorities actual mean anything to others?

The retired police officers, oil men friends, family members of Klein and whatever other bogus made up individual you invoke thinking it will make your point have any sort of relevance at all.

As for these “retired policemen” they can spout whatever uninformed BS they want because the actual frontline police and EMS who work in the city and deal with this everyday say and completely different story. And I have to say I would take the word of real individuals who actually know what is going on over the made individuals without a clue in your little fairy tale.

Seth Anthony

Slow clap baxter.

Fedup Conservative

I just re-read Citi Zen’s comments and I was wrong he is dead wrong. The writer Jacobson has it right.

Seth Anthony

FC, it seems you are very confused on the matter. I just posted my rebuttal to this letter. It will clarify a few things for you.