January 16th, 2021

Corporations take from society and give little back

By Letter to the Editor on February 6, 2020.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is at it again – pleading for government to fix their problems. If it’s not using tax funds for subsidies, incentives and tax breaks; now they want the feds to bring in qualified immigrants to fill the needs of corporations.

This is an example of how international corporate “investors” do not care about local employment. They get cities and municipalities to compete giving them breaks just to get their offices or factories, on the suggestion they will provide jobs. Their fix is on profits, sucking the cash out of the economy. It seems it’s not a secret to anyone but politicians.

If business has special-skills needs from employees, business should train locals. That is what our hugely expensive educational institutes are for. Why are we paying princely presidents and boards in higher education huge sums, only to find they are not providing the right skills to students? Maybe the Chamber of Commerce should be talking to our educators rather than lobbying politicians.

It certainly looks like corporations are free-loaders on society – determined to strip out all the cash and give back as little as they can. That’s bad citizenship, with the gall to insist we feed their addiction at whatever cost. Corporations would rather pay lawyers and tons of lobby than benefits to their employees. The only way this blood-sucking can be stopped is if people inform themselves, and stop allowing politicians and their cardboard parties to play their games. The Trump disaster is the result of a lazy, uninformed public not bothering to use the convenient internet to check out the scammers. We have no one else to blame if we build our house of straw. The wolf just sneezes the place down to cull fat little lambs and piglets.

Don Ryane


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