January 15th, 2021

Teck mine project should be blocked

By Letter to the Editor on February 19, 2020.

Re the Teck Frontier open pit mine development proposal.

Projects of this magnitude these days require a clear plan that is enforceable and that meets the required environmental objectives which include meeting climate change objectives, a plan for no loss of ecosystem values such as wildlife, ground water stability, and several other ecosystem values too numerous to mention. We now have scientific information that clearly shows that a necessary change in the energy sector is required if we are going to avoid negative catastrophic events in this habitat of ours. These changes include a gradual transfer to alternative energy sources, and improved technology for cleaner emissions.

We can no longer afford to make climate change and other environmental changes a political football. It is apparent through differences of opinion between provinces and the federal government, that there is a poor understanding of what is required to look after this planet of ours and how we need to find solutions within timelines. We cannot continue to ignore the extreme negative effects of some developments. Time and time again, projects are approved, regardless of the negative impact they have on the environment, because these projects provide jobs. We now must look at the bigger picture and consider transition to alternative energy sources, alternate job training and other measures.

As political representatives of the people it is my hope that you, the politicians, will do your utmost to block this Teck mine development as a beginning towards co-operative action needed to meet climate change goals and other environmental concerns. I would also hope that you would become part of a strategy to work with the oil and gas sector in continued research towards reducing emissions; to work towards application of alternative energy sources; and to support job training strategies.

Gaylen Armstrong


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Citi Zen

Yawn. Popcorn, anyone?

John P Nightingale

If you have nothing better to say other than attempted “humour”, “satire” but mostly cynicism and committing absolutely nothing to the discussion, kindly cease. Armstrong has a valid opinion and took the time to pen a letter, so if you disagree , have the common courtesy to advance your opinion without resorting to insults.
For the record, whereas I see no reason to shut down the oil sands currently in operation, green lighting new ones such as Frontier however, would be a retrograde step given the current state of our atmosphere and by extension the earth itself.


again … “have the common courtesy to advance your opinion without resorting to insults”. Citi Zen, you add no value to a much needed discussion.

Dennis Bremner

chinook, is the much needed discussion the discussion where Canadians realize that we contribute 1.6% globally to GHGs. Is that the discussion? Or is it the discussion that would involve us ceasing ALL GHGs in less than 2 years only to see India, China and the other major emitters increase their output by more than 1.6% thereby nullifying our bankruptcy and collapse?
Is it the discussion where, as an exporter of minerals, we absorb the GHGs created by the production with our tundra offset which supplies the world, and Trudeau and the rest of his brain dead scientists don’t want to talk about?
Or is it the discussion that Canada and every other country will need Oil and fossil fuels until at least 2050 and if we stopped importing Saudii Oil we could make sure we exploit our resources without changing consumption?

Or perhaps we can discuss the brain dead X/milennial that thinks “Pipelines bad, trains carrying crude that crash and burn, good?”
Which discussion is it that you think we need to have?

Southern Albertan

Wholeheartedly agree with Gaylen Armstrong here! Could not be said better…..


I agee with the content of the letter except for the mention of climate change. This is just a hoax by the powers I control are doing social engineering and getting paid well for the experiment. Climate change has been one of earths characteristics ad will continue its course despite or inspite of what man does.


thank you for a thoughtful letter. we can also keep in mind the history of teck, which is awful when it comes to considering the environment. and, given what we have in power in alberta, it would appear the environment is the last thing to be considered. to refer to teck and the ucp as pigs would severely be an insult to the cleanliness and intelligence of hogs.
citi – how much more thick can you get? alas, i am certain we will see.


Yes of course, let’s shut down every major pipeline and project that would pay the bills in this country! Payouts to First Nations for over $14 billion annually, more than some provincial budgets . . . they can be slashed while the rest of Canada cuts it services . . . we all have to tighten our belts so cut all services across the country equally . . . FN included.
Or better yet . . . lets all quit working and let the government support us . . . we can lay around and smoke fatties, laugh, and occassionally get paid to protest by the US billionaires that are paying to shut down these projects, so they can make even more money . . . some of these US billionaires have major investments in the railroads in Canada and pipelines would eat away at their profits.
Let’s not forget that in July, 2008 some of these FN activists met with the Rockefellers Brothers Fund group to discuss ways to shut down the oilsands in New York City . . . while the United States was and continues to have some of the most aggressive drilling, fracking, and exporting programs in the world.
It is all about GREED . . . the world is full of sheep, and we are all suckers!!!!
There is more chance of Armaggedon happening than climate change killing all of us off! Climate changes have happening since the beginning of time . . . but when you get foreign billionaires paying millions for protesters, training, and tactics used in military Psi-ops to take over countries without military intervention . . . you get where we are right here in Canada.
If the US would have had muncipal, provincial and federal elections manipulated like we seen in Canada, the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. would have been all over it . . . but we just let it happen!
A Vancouver Mayor, BC Premier and even in 2015 PM Trudeau were all put into office by the same money that pays for the protesters, using groups such as LeadNow . . . Wake up Canada. . . . you are letting these US billionaires rip our country apart. using the sheep they have brainwashed!

Remember this article – – read it and then also realize NO ACTIONS were ever taken to rectify the fact the PM was put into office by foreign money!!!



Oh, oh. Me thinkst that someone might have smoked a ‘fatty’ himself.

And, btw, the difference between natural climate fluctuations occurring over long periods of time, and human-caused warming over a couple of centuries, is the inability for natural systems to adapt. This disruption could well mean the end of civilization and the mass die-off of most species on the planet.

To avoid this, we could begin by stopping new oil sands projects, as the letter writer has well expressed.

Dennis Bremner

Well at the rate we are breeding boneheads Fescue, its probably for the best ! 🙂


Dennis, you have identified another problem of human society. We have so many humans acting as sheep.