January 17th, 2021

Where is the service?

By Letter to the Editor on February 27, 2020.

Everything is an industry these days – one of the fave economic catch-all phrases. They tell us the “service industry” is the next big thing. What do we mean by service?

My father was an overqualified mechanical engineer. My family was lower middle class. Dad taught Cadillac mechanics. One of his businesses sold TVs and washer/dryers. Dad was always home late. He answered calls while eating warmed-over supper. Someone’s TV wouldn’t focus; a noise in the dryer. He would go out at 8:30 p.m. to fix it. He was big on service.

He sold more TVs and washer/dryers than Sears and the Bay combined. A local farmer’s combine was down during harvest. Who would you call in an emergency? Dad would not only fix it; he’d work all night because they were short a driver. Service.

Who can you call today for service outside 8 to 4 today? It’s all advertising hype, scam language for funny money (at 20 per cent over prime). The service industry might be over; the new thing is tech and artificial intelligence. Get the two phonies together – artificial intel to provide service. Who’s kidding who?

CBC’s Terry O on “Under the Influence” reveals tricks the ad game uses to sell us too much. We have full closets and garages and eat too much junk food – and still feel empty. Terry can fix that, just sell more service. If real service was at issue, garbage men and plumbers would be the one per cent. CEOs, economists and politicians would need part-time jobs to pay the rent. Are we paying good money to the wrong services?

Don Ryane


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